Hoowee.  Just completed a sampling of seven different spirits (pictured above).  All top of the line inventory from days on Dark Matter.  Feeling a little tipsy, so excuse this rambling blog entry.

Which is your favorite?


Why, yes, it HAS been one of those weeks.

Guess the episode!

Today’s Yes/No…

Speaking of which – our local Starbucks has a strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino I’ve been meaning to try…

The weekend is almost upon us and a new smash burger spot has opened in the neighborhood.  The possibilities are endless!

7 thoughts on “July 1, 2021: I’m too drunk to come up with a title for this blog entry. Feel free to improvise your own!

  1. You can call this blog… “Rememmmm…Rememmberin…Remembering my DaRk Matter DAys”

    That looks good. Think I’ll make a run to the liquor store. Then become a drinker.

  2. Even with waiting on the greenlights, you have a great life!

    Is a Frappuccino similar to a milkshake?

  3. If I recall correctly it was the episode where that scientist (I forget the name) stole McKay’s research built a giant cooling machine using a quantum bridge. But it wouldn’t shut down. Freeze lightning!

  4. Odds are I could learn to like whiskey … but, when tequila exists, why?

    To mis-quote Spock, “I have never, and will never, drink something called frappucino.” Pretty close, right?

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