5 thoughts on “June 13, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Whoever is doing the photography, great job!

    It was so hot/humid this weekend. Saturday, I was working outside and got heat exhaustion. On the plus, I found a new show while I was recovering, “The Americans”. Have you seen it? It’s set in the 80’s and it’s about a Russian Sleeper agents in the U.S.

    {{Hugs}} Drea on the Chemo!

  2. I received an email from Drea. She gave me permission to share this:

    Apologies for the update delay. I’ve been on complete mental and physical bed rest. When Dr Arora and Dr Mamounas looked at my labs on the 4th & 7th, my liver function still wasn’t where it needed to be to clear me for surgery on the 10th. They said this was more than likely due to my body suffering from nervous exhaustion. Thus, I was ordered to strict mental and physical bed rest. Little to no activities, such as keeping up with emails, work, news, social media, etc., or anything else emotionally or physically taxing.
    Surgery is now rescheduled for June 17th.
    Also, some decisions have been made regarding post surgery chemo, prosthesis, reconstruction surgery, other follow up care and personal finances.
    Will write more about all that next week, provided I recover from the first surgery without a problem.

    If anyone on the blog asks, please feel free to update them if you’d like.
    Otherwise I’ll just fill everyone in when I feel a bit more up to the task.
    I noticed some emails in the box from some of our blog sibs but haven’t opened them yet.

    Sending much love your way today
    and always.


    I can repost this on today’s blog if you’d like?

    1. The BEST of luck Drea! I hope everything goes well for you. Having some of my own family members go through a number of health scares I know how draining it can be. Please keep your spirits up. Try watching a Mr. Bean episode…that’s sure to help!

  3. Suji always brightens my Sunday! Any inclinations toward getting a companion now that the pandemic is letting up? Suji seems to enjoy being your only baby.

    Tam Dixon:
    Please let Drea know that she is in our thoughts and prayers. If she has current financial assistance info, can you please provide a link?

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