This list is, sadly, limited to the LaCroix flavors available in Canada.  Unlike our southern neighbors, our product choices are surprisingly limited.  I mean, it wasn’t until a trip to a local L.A. grocery store several years back that I discovered Ben & Jerry’s offered more than a half dozen flavors.

Anyway, here are my rankings.  Your mileage may vary and, if so, would undoubtedly be incorrect….


#16. Hi-Biscusi

Ah, the fresh flavor of flowers in a can.  Maybe about as satisfying as licking your aunt’s potpourri.


#15. Coconut

Drinking the equivalent of carbonated suntan lotion is only marginally better.


#14. Peach-Pear

Neither really peach nor pear in flavor.  Instead, the two come together to offer something totally unique.  Terribly, terribly unique.


#13. Pasteque

I believe that, legally, they must label it as “pasteque” because it tastes and smells nothing like watermelon.


#12. Key Lime

Sparkly vanilla aint exactly a thirst quencher.


#11. Limoncello

This one, along with watermelon, were the two flavors I was most looking forward to trying.  And this one, like watermelon, was a huge disappoint although, in Limoncello’s case, it does possess hints of vestigial artificial lemon.


#10. Mango

This one actually does deliver on the mango.  And I hate mango.


#9. Grapefruit

I really wanted this to be so much better.


#8. Apricot

This one I was expecting to be so much worse.


#7. Raz-Cranberry

One of our neighbors proclaimed Raz-Cran the best flavor, which leads me to assume she hasn’t really tried selections #1-#6.  Still, I would rate this one inoffensive.


#6. Passionfruit

Qu’elle surprise!  Passionfruit almost making it into the Top 5.  Went in with low expectations and its surpassed them.


#5. Berry

Echoes of the grape soda I used to enjoy as a kid.  Doesn’t reach those lofty flavor heights, of course, but pure nostalgia is enough to vault it into the Top 5.


#4. Lemon

Hard to screw up this classic.


#3. Orange

Strangely satisfying if not possessed by a  slight underlying bitterness – which could just be my imagination.  That or I was drinking from an expired can.


#2. Lime

This one has always been my go-to.  The classic.


#1. Tangerine

Like sitting in an orange grove, indulging in fizzy tangerines.  I want to bathe in the stuff.

Well, there you have it.  My LaCrois rankings.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let’s hear it.

6 thoughts on “A Super Ultra Definitive Ranking of LaCroix Flavors!

  1. Those descriptions though … LOL
    Thanks for the review. I’m going to get the Tangerine!

  2. I had no idea all these flavors existed, let alone were available in Canada. The alternative word for “watermelon flavor” has me confused. I honestly think your explanation makes the most sense.

  3. I’m not a fan of LaCroix because of that bitter aftertaste & obvious contrived flavors. The bitterness in the orange seltzer I’ve attributed to them relying a little too heavily on the orange oil extract. Well, I can only hope they’re using actual orange peel extract…

  4. I’ve never tried LaCroix. I might pick up a can of now. Usually, I drink water/tea.

  5. I don’t even know what La Croix is! Never heard of it! I’m not a fan of sparkling water, flavoured or otherwise. Unless it’s Coke.

  6. I never figured out what “sparkling water” is. I think I’ll just let it remain a mystery.

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