A few that caught my eye..

Hellion #12 – cover art by Stephen Segovia


Marauders #21 – cover art by Russell Dauterman

Marauders #21 – cover art by Matteo Lolli


Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #1 – cover art by Pepe Larraz

X-Force #20 – cover art by Joshua Cassara


Batman #109 – cover art by Joshua Middleton


Batman: The Adventures Continue – cover art by Dave Johnson


Far Sector #12 – cover art by Jamal Campbell


Sensational Wonder Woman #4 – cover art by Meghan Hetrick


Suicide Squad #4 – cover art by Gerald Parel


The Next Batman: Second Son #3 – cover art by Ryan Benjamin


Basilisk #1 – cover art by Rafael Albuquerque


Myths & Legends Quarterly: The Dragon Clan – cover art by Keith Garvey


Moths #1 – cover art by Michael Choi

So, which were YOUR favorites?

5 thoughts on “June 2, 2021: Amazing Covers!

  1. My favorite is MOTHS #1. It’s a rare example of respectfully illustrating a woman without giving her an exaggerated, unrealistic body shape.

  2. Moths #1 – cover art by Michael Choi was also on my favorite three list. My other two were:

    Duel Identity #3, cover art by Ruiz Bergos.


    and, because I can’t resist the pups (and you’ve already posted most of my other favorites for this week),

    Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory #3, cover art by Benjamin Dewey.


  3. I agree with Gildermcc, Moths #1 – cover art by Michael Choi is stunning!

  4. I wish I had a Roku channel that displayed a new comic book cover on my TV every 20 minutes so my eyes won’t die from looking at my laptop too much.

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