The Greatest Batman Villain (1960’s t.v. series edition!) Tournament has begun!

In the play-in match-ups, Lola Lasagne edged our Nora Clavicle, while John Astin’s Riddler easily bested The Puzzler….

Screen-shot-2021-05-21-at-41247-pm Screen-shot-2021-05-21-at-41256-pm

So let’s move on to the West Region.

Cast your votes!

The tournament continues tomorrow with our East Region match-ups!

Today’s Yes/No…

I mean – sure, why not?

Well, this is interesting…

Can I just say…Finally!

One thought on “May 21, 2021: Greatest Batman Villain Tournament (1960’s t.v. series edition!) – West Regional Match-ups!

  1. I seldom visit Twitter any more, and my offline life is ever more complex, so I’ll vote here for False Face only. I had the pleasure of conversation with Mr. Throne at a SciFi con a few years before he passed.

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