Later today, Dark Matter fans.  I join Orville Nation to discuss the twisty turns Episode 306, “One Last Card To Play” with guests writer Alison Hepburn and director Gail Harvey!

Alright.  I’m in trouble.  I just discovered a spot near my place that sells boozy ice cream.  I’ve been working my way through the Chocolate Bourbon and Whiskey Salted Caramel and plan to go back and grab some Spiked Hazelnut Latte and Tiramisu.

Screen-shot-2021-05-16-at-54001-pmMeanwhile, today’s Yes/No…

Hmmm.  I dunno.  I find that anything Key Lime-flavored tastes artificial, weird, and decidedly UN-Key Lime Pie-like.

Had a major creative breakthrough on the Sci-Fi/Kpop pilot and completed my rewrite of the first three acts.  Two more acts tomorrow, then I switch gears and revise the bible.  Once that’s done, we can start strategizing potential homes.

Wednesday, I switch gears yet again to hop on a zoom and start structuring our verbal pitch for that sci-fi comic adaptation.  Topics of discussion will include black holes, planet smashers, and extinction level events.

3 thoughts on “May 17, 2021: Boozy Ice Cream is My Muse!

  1. I never liked key lime flavor stuff … as you said, tastes weird and artificial.

    On the other hand, GO try all those boozy ice creams and report back!

  2. The genre-straddling of your K-pop series made me think to recommend an interesting series on Amazon called Underground Railroad. I’m such a contrarian that it was the bad ratings despite the still shots obviously not being from a B-production that intrigued me. For the first 98% of the first episode, it seems like a standard historical drama. Then, in the last 2%, you see what daring storytelling sparked the bad ratings. Figuring out the actual genre of what you’re seeing will be part of the journey.

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