5 thoughts on “May 16, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Suji, that was also my expression when I heard Dark Matter was cancelled.

    I was enjoying the outdoors today too! If you count dismantling an old privy at one of the Fundy Footpaths beach campsites fun. It surprisingly wasn’t that bad.

    The “In Hiding” video is impossibly adorable!

  2. ALLO, si vous pouvez acheter la revue “Ciel & Espace” no 576 avril-mai 2021, il y a un “article (!) sur la vraie Stargate! page16!

  3. Suji pictures always make me smile. Thanks for that! Hey, does Suji have her own dresser for all her clothes?

    Have you both began to look for a brother/sister for Suji again?

    Have you recovered from “The Jab”? Can you tell I’ve been watching British TV? 😉

    Lots of questions, sorry.

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