I got my first vaccine shot today.  It was a surprisingly painless process.  And I stress “surprisingly” because I felt absolutely nothing when I received the injection – which led me to briefly entertain the notion that the nurse had faked it and was squirreling away the extra dose for sale to the black market.  Of course countering this theory is the fact that, as I write this, I’m a tired, irritable, and suffering from brain fog.  Giving the theory life, on the other hand, is the fact that I am often tired, irritable, and suffering from brain fog.

I tweeted this out the other day in response to a fellow writer dealing with the cold realities of working with this industry.  It’s nothing new that I haven’t said on this blog before, but it bears repeating.



Today’s Yes/No.  Check out this culinary monstrosity…

And in case you missed it:

The Sordid and Shameful History of Deep Dish Pizza


13 thoughts on “May 14, 2021: Tired, Irritable, and Suffering From Brain Fog.

  1. I love that Twitter thread. So, so true. Don’t make time for the assholes.

    I got my vaccine first shot yesterday and I’m feeling Pfantastic! No side effects at all other than a little site soreness and that’s mostly gone today. I did NOT however get a sticker, and now I feel a little put out. At least they could have given me a lollipop or something.

    Shoot, I should not have used that word. Now I can’t get this song out of my head.

    1. Gee, thanks @Gforce. Now i got that stupid song stuck in my head too! 😀

      @Joe: Told ya you probably wouldn’t even feel it. The tiredness/ brain fog should lessen by tomorrow and you should feel fully recovered the day after that. Sorry, cant help ya with the irritability … ’cause, as you pointed out, this is simply typical for you. Albeit, if push comes to shove, and all side effects don’t resolve soon, be sure to let me know. I’m more than happy to ask the neuroscience researchers in our community if they can recommend a decent lobotomist near you.

      Don’t forget, lots of water. It helps.
      No shame in just vegging out with Seinfeld or Sex In The City reruns tonight.

      Sending love and happier day vibes your way. xo

  2. I hope you feel better soon Joe.
    I remain suspicious of any drug pushed so fervently with conflicting data & side effect reports. I am well and take common precautions. I prefer to rely on my immune system.

  3. Congrats on the vac! I’ve heard wildly different reports about side effects. Hopefully yours aren’t too bad.

    Not much sign of vaccines here in Australia. By girlfriend is booked in for her first jab in a couple of weeks because she’s classed as “vulnerable” but she couldn’t book her second shot until three months later! That seems less than optimal.

    Well said on your Twitter thread. I had a mostly pleasurable experience on the two productions I’ve worked on in the past. It was stressful and tempers would fray occasionally but it was always respectful and professional. We worked hard but we also played hard. I believe that in any work environment the culture starts from the top. If they’re good people then they will hire other good people who will then also hire good people.

    I’d like to try deep dish pizza once just to know how bad it is. Who knows? I might like it!

  4. That sounds like slightly elevated histamine symptoms. I have a ton of tricks for that, but a foodie taking it easy on the kimchee might be a bridge too far for those symptoms. I don’t know if anti-histamines are okay for people with typical immune systems to take after a vaccine if they are looking for the most efficacy. I personally would be taking them before the vaccine because my face parts have randomly swelled too many times in the past year and face parts are airway parts if they swell big enough.

  5. Re: deep-dish pizza

    You have to specify which variety you’re referring to. If it’s Chicago-style, then the answer is NO, straight up. If it’s Detroit-style, and specifically if it’s from Buddy’s Pizzeria (preferably the original location at the corner of 6 Mile and Conant), then the answer is a resounding YES.

    On our last visit to my fam in Detroit, we got take-out from there and my Kelownan mother-in-law (from the town of Kelowna, not the planet) declared it the best pizza she’s ever had. She still rhapsodizes about it, 17 months later.

  6. Congrats on your 1st vaccine shot! Hope the 2nd one goes just as well.

    Stop complaining about deep dish pizza. It is delicious! Lot’s of people like it. Get over it. Does your Italian mom like it? I bet she does.

  7. We (hubby & I) only had mild side effects. One side effect we didn’t expect was a reaction to the Band-Aid adhesive. We both had a red Band-Aid shape whelp for about a week.

    I’ve never had deep dish pizza but have always wanted to try one. How can you miss with those ingredients?

  8. The double vaxxed and protected feeling is pretty great, it took away some of the gnawing dread that comes from a year of a deadly pandemic that has cost people we love to be taken too soon, I still can’t process that because the mourning we did was about shoring each other up and trying to support family and friends.

    It’s going to always hurt that I couldn’t be there in person for the funerals for families that were there in the church for us when my folks passed, but now our friends and family are vaxxing up and just getting through each day as it comes, and we’ve weirdly never been closer, we talk more by phone, less by text.

    I love cooking so much now I don’t think I’ll be in restaurants for a long while, one of many discoveries I’ve made this past year. I’m thankful for yummy recipes and Netflix too, but man, what a long strange year so far.

  9. It says a lot that you can get any cast/crew from your past shows to do Q&As at any time. It shows that you have created a lot of love and respect from them.

    I got the AstraZeneca about three weeks ago and still have a sore arm. I’m told by a virologist that that is a good sign that the vaccine is working. I’ll take that!

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