Fast food chicken sandwich rankings.

Who’s had all seven (7?!  That’s IT?!!!) and can thus offer an informed opinion?  What’d they miss?


Is adding mayo the secret to extra moist chocolate cake?


The 14 best canned and boxed soups, according to chefs.

Not a huge fan of canned soup – but good to know.


The Definitive Guide to Texas Barbecue

Hey, Texans.  Care to weigh in here?


And here are the rules of southern barbecue.  Apparently.   What say you, southerners?

Today’s Yes/No.  I have to admit – I’m curious to try…

I’m sure there has got to be at least one blog reader who has tried this.  Please report!

I have got to visit Seoul…

10 thoughts on “May 13, 2021: My Foodiest Post of 2021!

  1. Re Texas barbecue, from a long-time San Antonio resident:
    1. Noting the author’s mini-bio, I would trust his judgment and reporting. TEXAS MONTHLY magazine has been a great resource for this NJ girl over the decades. (You May recall, Joe, that I gifted Don Davis with a couple of issues.)
    2. I’m a barbecue consumer, not an expert, so when you finally visit San Antonio or Austin, Joe, I’ll take you to various ‘cue purveyors, large and small, city and country, and let you be the judge.

  2. Since I’ve lived and worked all over Texas, I thought I would way in on a few.
    In Lockhart just SE of Austin are 3 of the best BBQ. Oak smoked and the German influence makes them the best for sausage.
    Down toward Houston they have tons of Pecan trees that make for a sweeter BBQ.
    In the article they mentioned south Texas along the border. When I first went down there I saw Barbacoa and thought it was just Spanish for BBQ. I ordered some Barbacoa tacos and I swear that was the best I had ever eaten. Then I found out it was buried cows head that had sat underground smoking for 24 hours.
    Wear Texas has a very flavorful because they use Mesquite wood.
    All other vary just a bit but all of Texas leans more toward cattle BBQ while going east you tend to get more hog.
    Just my 2 cents from a life long Texan.

  3. I will say I’ve heard of the mayo in chocolate cake thing. I may even have had it, I can’t remember. Apparently it does make quite a difference in moistness, and cannot be tasted.

  4. Yes, you definitely have to visit Seoul. We had been to Japan twice then went to Seoul S Korea (to see StarCraft in the studio) and found S Korea to be so lovely. They are stunningly beautiful people to start with but also so relaxed. It was a wonderful trip in 2019 and really hope to go back soon!

  5. Good luck tomorrow. Lots of fully vaccinated folks have been reporting they now have expert ability to understand what their dogs n cats are saying. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky, too.
    No worries it doesn’t hurt. Likelihood is you wont even feel the injection. Mild sore arm feeling, for most folks, doesn’t begin until 2-3 hours after vaccination and usually resolves within 24 hours. Advice: Bring a couple bottles water with you. Take a few sips prior and after, every 30 minutes. Continue throughout the day. It helps.

    Actually, had a really good day today. Received my first physical hug since becoming fully vaccinated.
    It was from Denise, the medical social worker assigned to me. The second hug was even better. It was a spontaneous hug from her highly affectionate four year old golden retriever, Mush. I never could have imagined how incredibly wonderful and healing it would feel just to experience physical warmth and touch after being deprived of it for more than 12 months.

  6. Not a fan of fried chicken burgers. Just give me the chicken without the bun.

    Also not a fan of mayo but since it’s actually fat that makes a cake “moist” and mayo is an emulsion of fat and water I can see how it would make a cake moist. I just prefer using lots and lots of butter.

    I tend to make my soups fresh so I’m not an expert on canned soup. Plus of those brands in the list we only have Campbell’s in Australia. There’s some great “fresh” soups in the refrigerator aisle, though. My favourite:

    I need to up my barbecue game. I usually just cook steak, burgers and sausages on the barbie. I’ve tried smoking a couple of times with mixed success.

    I used to live just south of the Gloucestershire border and was a regular customer of The Fine Cheese Co in Bath ( I’ve tried Stinking Bishop and it was too strong for me but I don’t remember it being particularly stinky. I like a young triple cream brie.

    A whole fried chicken? Sign me up!

  7. I’ve made mayo cake before and it’s not bad. I like any chocolate cake that someone else makes. 😉 Seriously, Ida’s recipe is the best out there:

    I don’t eat a lot of meat but BBQ does bring out the carnivore in me. Yes, BBQ discussions get heated here. I like most BBQ’s but some are better than others. My favorite style is Texas, with Memphis being second. Georgia’s is good too. I would like to try Alabama’s white BBQ but I think that’s mainly for chicken. The vinegar based BBQ is good but it ranks last on my scale.

    As for BBQ sides, Coleslaw, Baked beans and Fries are my favorites. There’s a couple of places in Memphis that serve deviled eggs as a side.

    Good luck with the jab!

    Off to take Mom to lunch today. It’s a three hour drive, one way and I’m hoping to get gas along the way. 😟

  8. I haven’t yet gotten my hands on a Popeye’s Chicken sandwich. People have been shot over those! They sell out quickly, but I intend to try one. Most of the others disappoint.

    The listed soups really are good. Salt is such an issue with canned soups, but Well Yes! manages to produce a tasty, healthier product. I especially like their chicken and wild rice version.

    Mayo in chocolate cake is indeed the key to a super moist cake. It sounds disgusting, but it is so good!

    I have had plenty of Texas BBQ, but nothing beats Tennessee BBQ! And you best not violate the rules around my table lest you be branded ignorant and not invited to the next get together.

    Stinking Bishop Cheese? No, thank you. To get it to my mouth it has to pass under my nose. Not gonna happen. I’m not a big soft cheese fan, anyway, so having one with an awful smell makes it an unlikely choice for me.

    On the other hand, watching the food being prepared in Seoul was like watching artists lovingly plying their craft with well practiced hands. Each motion was fluid and with purpose. No skimping on spices, each piece battered perfectly.I could almost taste the delicious looking final product. I’m definitely not a foodie, but that video had me ready to put on a mask, grab my can of wipes, and hop onto a plane to Seoul. The pandemic has me starved for good food and that definitely looked so good!

  9. My young niece and her husband came to Texas from Georgia for a few days. They spent one whole day driving around and trying out about 4 different BBQ places, looking for that great BBQ Texas is known for. They were not disappointed. They had a great time and came back with big smiles, tall tales, and were very full.

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