More than likely it just lands somewhere the Pacific rather than directly atop your head or house.  But, really, who knows?

THIS is disquietingly accurate…

As my uncle would say: “Inbelievable!”

How about a little Yes/No?

Alas, I won’t be able to visit mom this year, but here’s a video of the time I surprised her for her birthday…

And the time before that…


10 thoughts on “May 8, 2021: Heads Up!

  1. For anyone wanting to keep track of that uncontrolled space rocket debris fixing to slam into the earth
    –> Follow @SpaceTrackOrg. Their site can offer you a vicinity indication a few hours prior to the event if you are worried it might come crashing through the roof of your home or vehicle. You can also follow @TSKelso on twitter who has been posting helpful map visuals.

    Update Time:

    I’ve gained a couple more pounds and am now up to 98. Anemia and liver are improving with the new concentrated drug regimen.
    Sucks that i am still on strict bland diet and have to go in for injections twice per week now but at least it’s working.
    So, I’m finally reconciling with the request to accept cherry jello as my new best friend . The goal is to ensure I dont end up needing liver dialysis when chemo and any other prescribed therapies commence. I’ve taken down the GFM and will try the platform sometime in next week or two when i have the time and enough energy to set it up. I’ve already got way too much stress and struggle on my plate and a long road of added struggles ahead of me. Using GFM was proving to be much more hassle than i could handle. The first time i posted with them and had multiple technical problems, I had to jump through several hoops just to get a hold of their customer service page. It took several days of going back n forth in emails before they realized the problems were on their end, not mine, and for the funds you all so lovingly pitched in to help out finally reached me. Afterwards, they extended a sincere personal apology and claimed they fixed the problems and made some improvements to make their site easier to navigate and use. Unfortunately, this second time trying to use their service, with the called “improvements” was much worse. Heck! The site won’t even let me completely delete the damn account!! When I went into account settings and clicked on “delete account” all it did was ‘stop’ the fundraiser from accepting donations. I’m sure I clicked “Delete Account” not simply the “delete fundraiser” link. It has since ‘locked me out’ from getting back in to the account, and won’t send me a reset password – so it’s treating it as a ‘deleted account’ even though my page is still visible to all there!

    In the mean time the venmo account will remain active for anyone who can contribute to help with the additional out of pocket expenses.
    Every little bit helps and is more than greatly appreciated. I’ve got a few more resources coming in which have helped somewhat but doesnt cover everything and I’ve a very long, extremely difficult, fight and road ahead. User name: DreaCrysel.

    Question: Does anyone know where i can purchase and have installed a really inexpensive rechargable electric motorkit to covert a regular manual pedal bicycle to an e-bike in Orlando? I’ve asked around, checked the web and called a couple shops, but no one seems to know. There are some sites to purchase a kit online but i dont have a clue which one i would need to purchase or where to bring it to be installed. Due to my current health it is now taking me twice as long just to manually pedal to get to the local supermarket and as soon as i come up against even the slightest head wind I’m having to hop off and walk it. I no longer even have the strength to successfully ride up even the smallest inclines on a bridge or overpass. The only way I’m gonna be able to increase my odds of landing a steady paying job with more hours than I’m currently getting is to be able to ride further than 2 miles without it taking two-three hours just to reach my destination. I’m already extremely sleep deprived and running on fumes. Wont help my health improve if i have to wake up and be on the road hours earlier just to ensure I reach a ten dollar per hour paying job on time.

  2. High inflation was inevitable as as soon as the stimuli started. Supply and demand laws apply to money supply, too. My 15 year old son was pouring a smoothie when I told my husband the stimulus check was deposited and then I grumbled there would be inflation to eat that up. My son said, “what? are they just printing it?” Well, indirectly, but, yes. He’s apparently been listening to the stuff I grumble while quizzing him on his state-curriculum history lessons.

    Inflation is the most regressive “tax”. People with stocks notice inflation first in the form of their assets increasing in value. People spending most of their money on rent and food and gas hurt from inflation first.

  3. Aaaaheeeeeyyyyyyyyy! Your mom is adorable! Maybe you can see her on her birthday this year. What month is that? (oh, were you planning on surprising her again by saying you can’t come? shhhhh)

    Living next to Air Force bases all my life, I’ve always been afraid of a plane crashing into my house. This just isn’t a solid rocket coming down. It will come down in many pieces. Hoping for the best for anyone under it.

  4. The upside is the rocket’s orbit never really crosses Canada, so we should be good. They really need to do something about that design though. I think that’s the second one of the same type that’s had this issue.

    Dogecoin to the Moon!

    Happy birthday to your Mom!

  5. Not sure. Still staying hopeful we can all visit our moms by this year end. Fingers crossed. 🤞🤞

  6. I love your Mom’s accent. Has she been able to get her shot yet? I bet you’ll be able to visit this year. Show up and say “Candygram” or something. 🙂

    I’m taking my Mom to lunch Friday. Lately, she’s become a curmudgeon, so it will be a few hours of her complaining about something and me trying to change the subject. 😉 At 86 she’s entitled. Hopefully, I’ll be a able to get her laughing.

    Good luck with everything Drea!

    It’s Mother’s Day in the U.S., so Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

    1. My mom got her first shot and is waiting for her second. I’ll be getting my first shot this Friday.

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