Look at the birthday girl, all tuckered out after a day of hard partying, walking, and plenty of treats.  Suji celebrated the big 1-6 yesterday in typical fashion – she slept through most of it.

So, this tweet received 6k+ likes and over 1500 retweets, meaning I’m going to have to investigate the interest/possibility with my music contact in Seoul.  Now if this one pans out, it would truly be wild…

Today’s Yes/No…

I might have to say…………………………

More goodies from the Stargate: SG-1 vault.  Guess the episode(s)!

Img_3182 Img_3188 Img_3190 Sg1_1ep5b Sg1_2ep5b Sg1_3ep5b

6 thoughts on “May 6, 2021: The Birthday Hangover!

  1. That’s how I feel on my birthdays!

    I have no idea what a Loonaverse is but I’d watch it. Would you move to S. Korea?

    I’d try the peach chips once.

  2. I’m pretty sure every day is like it’s Suji’s birthday. She gets what she wants.

  3. Okay, am back. Had fever, body aches, headache and heavy fatigue for a few days after second vax dose.
    Albeit, No worries for anyone unvaxed considering getting the Pfizer.
    It’s still superior in safety and effectiveness and most folks dont suffer any side effects
    other than minor sore arm and very mild fatigue for 24 hours.
    My slightly more serious reaction to it was not entirely unexpected considering all the other drugs I’m currently being pumped with to get my body
    ready and strong enough as quickly as is possible for the upcoming heavyweight prize fight.

    Anywhoo, I’ll be sure to post a detailed update over the weekend on my progress
    and respond to more of your emails and messages as soon as i have the chance.
    I have two work shifts coming up back to back, so please accept my apologies for delayed responses.
    And to my dear sweet, wonderful, extremely stubborn once she makes her mind up,
    blog sis @TamDixon, Your extraordinarily loving, overwhelmingly generous, selfless, contribution to the med fund is beyond amazing!

    In the meantime
    Here’s one for you @Joe
    to help with whatever new show you are brewing in that deliciously creative
    crazy clever brain of yours.

    Last week, when you called for stories of rude experiences
    I mentioned i always thought it was a matter of cultural and personal perception and definition
    as to ‘what’ rude is and offered a couple examples to explain.
    Here’s another example:
    In most cultures all across the globe if someone spits on a public street in front of everyone
    it is considered rude and disgusting, and in some cities you can even be arrested and jailed for the offense. Additionally, Spitting directly ‘at’ someone is an extremely aggressive show of disrespect!
    Especially if you spit in their face!

    In the culture linked below the exact opposite is true.

    Thus, if you’re someone who suffers a condition causing a need to abruptly spit at all hours of the day,
    … sometimes even while walking down a crowded avenue,
    Just tell that person staring at you in shock and disgust that you are “blessing the neighborhood”.
    After explaining, You might even sweetly and lovingly follow up with an offer to bless them, as well.

  4. I love all these concept drawings. The art work is phenomenal (as one would expect it to be). I just love seeing them and appreciate that you share them.

  5. Again, thank you for the amazing concept art from Need and Thor’s Chariot’. I can’t get enough of this behind the scenes glimpse into the process!

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