So, earlier today…

Reminded me of this –


In all fairness, her versions are superior.

Hey, here’s something I learned today…

Also learned today that is not in my best interest to do professional favors for people who are not my friends.  It’s something I have long considered but recent events have cemented the fact I am truly wasting time and effort that could be better spent focusing on my own projects.

Today’s Yes/No…

Finally, in the unlikely event you missed yesterday’s Orville Nation stream with Dark Matter’s resident rogue, the lovely and talented Anthony Lemke…

7 thoughts on “May 4, 2021: Akemi-isms and Pro Lessons!

  1. Wait, it’s….not “Cole Slaw”?? My flabber is gasted. And “flateau” totally should be a word.

    I didn’t watch that whole recipe, but it looks like lava chicken is made by dipping chunks of basalt into spicy chicken sauce?

    I ALWAYS forget to tune into those Monday night DM events! Yeesh.

  2. Yeah, Akemi knows what she is talking about when it comes to the English language. I still don’t get “to, two, and too”. Who did that? Except I guess our language has been influenced by a lot of different people from around the world. And it shows!

    RE: LaCroix. Oh come on Joe. You would tell us if you did something really embarrassing. Wouldn’t you?

    If that lava is made with cheese, I’m in! I’d have to drench that gray (or is it grey?) chicken in it. 🙂

  3. As a poster on twitter stated, English is not an easy language. Akemi brings attention to words I’ve just accepted. After she asked why Strawberries were named strawberry, I had to look up the origin. It’s a good day when something is learned. Thanks Akemi!

    Please everyone remember Drea. She had help to get her Venmo worked out so, if anyone wants to contribute: @Dreacrysel She’s making a fundraiser account somewhere else but I haven’t seen the link for that yet.

    I’m in for Lava Chicken, as long as the hot sauce isn’t made from Ghost Peppers or a pepper similar. My limit is Habanero.

  4. Akemi is so much fun! Her -isms always make tremendous sense. You guys should write a dictionary of them. Imagine the joy it would bring! She reminds me of Gallagher’s humor. (i.e., “Why do they call them apartments if they’re all stuck together?”)

    Seltzer water and formal events are never a good match unless everybody is drinking it together. I guess you could have feigned recent gastric illness as an excuse for any unexpected eruptions.

    I would eat regular fried or sauteed chicken dipped in spicy cheese, but I think I will pass on the black, charcoal looking nuggets.

  5. I second the motion for a published book of Akemi-isms.

    Hi Gang. Thanks so much to everyone dropping me emails, daily jokes, private messages n phone texts to check in on me and for your ongoing loving generous contributions to the medfund.
    You guys (((Rock!!!!))) XO

    Got my second Pfizer vax on Monday. Unfortunately had a reaction and am still a bit out of it
    but will be sure to post a detailed update and progress report sometime in next couple days when i have more energy.

    !!!Happy Sweet Sixteen to the always adorable, feisty, Suji!!!!

    Much Love to all today XO
    and extra special thanks @Joe
    for the ‘Canadian’ Italian version
    of the NY Italians belching compliment humor.
    Had to google what Lacroix is.
    When i noticed in the immediate search results an article about the company
    facing a class action lawsuit for putting an ingredient used in cockroach spray
    in their drinks
    I began to wonder if you simply let out a long loud burp?
    or were actually violently vomiting on camera, due to food poisoning,
    during your business interview!

    This could have worked out quite beautifully in your favor
    if your meeting was to pitch a slasher horror story.
    oh well. maybe next time. 😉

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