Today!  TODAY!  THIS is happening!

We’ll be talking time loops, duets, and my decision to force actor Anthony Lemke to become fluent in French as we discuss Dark Matter Episode 304, All the Time in the World.  And joining us for this special discussion will be none other than the now fluent in French actor Anthony Lemke.  Don’t miss it (or you’ll just have to watch it later on youtube)!

Today’s Yes/No…

Better than a $500 melon I suppose.

It was my uncle Vic’s birthday this past weekend.  Last time we visited. he offered us Guttenbaggen – which turned out to be his way of pronouncing Haagen-Dazs.   I will never forget his wise words to his son, my cousin Paul, those man-years ago: “Paul, if I end up in the hospital and become a vegetarian, pull the plug.”  I can truly relate.

Also on the birthday docket this week is this girl –


  • who celebrates the big 1 6 on Wednesday.  A milestone!

On this week’s To Do list: send notes on notes on the second draft of the Project F pilot, reimagine our pitch of that classic SF series, pitch Powder Mage to a prospective partner, discuss the pilot to that time loop series, provide notes on the pitch deck of that sci-fi comic book, zoom chat discussion regarding my potential involvement in that cool arcana series.

How are your respective weeks looking?

6 thoughts on “May 3, 2021: Talking Time Loops with Anthony Lemke! Birthdays! The Week Ahead!

  1. Our week looks nice and quiet, but I’m sure some drama waits in the wings.

  2. I would definitely try the banana. Sorry I missed the broadcast; I’ll listen to it tonight. Monday’s are rough for me getting in our now shared office space as Jeff has many Zoom meetings and I can’t be in this room when they are going on. Also I was out from 9:30-1:00 p.m. doing stuff (pet sitting, then running a few errands which included getting Jeff something for Father’s Day).

    As far as the rest of the week, I had gotten a call from the local news here who wanted to do a story on the mess that happened with Patrick this week. The general manager and I (as well as many of the news anchor and reporters) are Facebook friends with me and they saw my post about what happened. We talked and I was sharing that the incident isn’t a story but the underlying problem is. I shared a bit and she agreed it wasn’t a 90-second spot. I told her it was more like a 30-minute special on the weekend or an ongoing series. She asked me to send her some stuff and they would discuss there as well.

    Tomorrow I have acupuncture and massage in the morning and then the first part of my 6-month eye check-up after that. Wednesday (and every night after Jeff goes to bed until the wee hours in the morning–the tax return). Thursday I have pet sitting and the tax return. Friday during the day I will likely be working on the tax return still but then starting Friday evening I will have a lot of pet sitting until the 16th. I also will take some hazardous waste to our recycling center (they only let you do that particular one on Wednesdays). I’ll be taking some paint and pesticides and stains. They can resell some of the paint if it isn’t hardened. And I’ll probably take some things I missed while cleaning out the garage a few weeks back. I haven’t found anything that they don’t take yet. They even take batteries and electronics. I’m super pleased at what they allow. We have curbside in an 80-gallon container every week, but these are things you can’t put in that. Then they have events once a year where you can bring old eye glasses and toothpaste containers. Twice a year they have a prescription and over-the-counter drugs take-back program so you don’t throw your medications into the toilet or down the drain (both ways get into the water supply which then pollutes our water with hormones and psychiatric medications, etc) or in the garbage. There is a 5-page list of things (mostly single-spaced). I really love it.

    So that is my week this week and my upcoming one next week.

  3. Oh my goodness! Suji is 16?!! Wow! Must be her excellent care.

    I’d like to know when is it time to gripe out a lawyer for not doing their job in a timely manner? Must be a big procrastinator.

  4. A Happy Birthday to Suji. Hope you have a lovely day: Nap, eat, nap, treat, nap, walk, nap, dinner, sleep!

    I got an AstraZeneca jab last week and with the confusing announcements that the NACi released today, I’m confused whether I made the right decision. But I think probably, maybe, perhaps, I did, since at least I have some protection now, which gives a touch more freedom, possibly. Yup definitely have made up my mind about that!

  5. Woo hoo! Happy birthday Suji!!! Congratulations Akemi and Joe for taking such great care of your little girl!!! Her life with you has been so good.

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