In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s Orville Nation Dark Matter Monday stream with special guest star Jodelle Ferland…

Your votes count!  Cast your ballot for the next Governor of Texas!

Hard to believe Old Yeller may not make the semi-finals.

Today’s Yes/No…

What’s a Pinap?  And is it any way related to the Pokeman?


Makes me wonder how many androids are attempting to get vaccinated.

Maybe they had better luck than me.  Tried to different sites and neither will let me past the Book An Appointment page.  My choices are “Today” and “No Time Slots Available”.  Ah, well.  Guess it’s healing crystals for me!

7 thoughts on “April 20, 2021: The Tuesday Report!

  1. So Pinap Berry is just really pineapple? That’s kind of what it looks like and I would be okay with that. Plus, Pikachu is promoting it so it must be good.

    If Old Yeller does not pull off this win, it will be a damned travesty!

    For the vaccine appointment, I would have clicked the “Today”! Please!

    1. Second what Gforce said. Go old yeller for Gov!

      Ugh! migraines! Severe nausea with this one.
      Sorry, guys. Am trying best i can. 🙁
      Update will need to wait till Thursday.
      Need to turn off pc screen and close my eyes till it runs its course.

  2. I guess it’s only fitting you letting everyone on Twitter pick my next governor of Texas since Texas Senator Ted Cruz sticks his big nose in every other state’s business in America. I hope you can find his replacement too.

    I get my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot tomorrow, Wednesday. Hope I don’t die. I’ll let you know.

  3. I know we live in completely different areas but… When I tried to book an appointment through my county, I couldn’t find an appointment. The state made contracts with local pharmacy/grocery stores and then it was no problem. I went to the store website and booked with very little problems. Keep trying.

    Matthew McConaughey would make killer commercial ads for the office. Love his voice!

  4. Hi Joe
    I registered at 10 pharmacies 3 weeks ago and was losing hope… no invitation to make an appointment – I’m in Ottawa age 56.
    Yesterday I called my local Pharmasave pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist. He told me the pharmacy booking system has mostly collapsed due to many over-60s booking shots early on and then bunking off to the public health clinic when they became eligible, to get a Pfizer shot.
    He had some appointments available for tomorrow and sent me a link… I’m now booked in!
    You could try calling pharmacies directly?
    Good luck!

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