Heads up, Dark Matter fans!  Actress Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) will be joining us to talk Dark Matter and other stuff later today…

Join us!

Today’s Yes/No…

Believe it or not, it’s a big YES from me.  Not a tofu fan, but I do love my yuba.

With the news that actor Matthew McConaughey is considering a run for Governor of Texas, I decided to match him up against some equally qualified candidates to find out how the public would support.  Head on over and cast your vote!

Last night, I dreamt that I was at a concert – with seventy-five thousand in attendance.  And I’d forgotten my mask.

6 thoughts on “April 19, 2021: Another week is upon us!

  1. Ooh, Jodelle today. Yay. Can’t wait.

    Your dream last night though … Must have been post-pandemic. LOL

  2. From the sounds of it, the rest of Ontario was also at that concert.

    Hot congealed milk protein is probably better than it sounds. Doesn’t it have to be soy milk, though?

    No more washed up celebrities as politicians! Gah. I guess having actual public policy experience isn’t that important any more. Anyway, it should be Old Yeller, who would do a much better job. And yes,I know both the character and the actor who played him is dead. (Spoiler alert!)

    Here, after a wonderful, sunny Spring day of doing trail work, I came home and made the mistake of going on the internet. The internet is so full of experts on every matter that you can think of. I’m surprised the world is not in a lot better shape than it is, given the extraordinary amount of expertise claimed on-line.

  3. I like the name Yuba, good for an off world wise village leader in Stargate, one whose hunter gatherer clan is being terrorized by Wraith.

  4. I keep extra masks in my car. I’m good. My dream last night was that I was swimming in the deep end and couldn’t make it to the surface. When I’m swimming, I can’t reach the bottom of the deep end of the pool for anything. I’d need a weight to get to the bottom. So that dream was strange.

    I’ve never heard of Yuba. If you say it’s good, I would try it. Yuba doesn’t look that appetizing though.

    Speaking of appetizing, today I made some more of those Rolo/pretzel/pecan things. It’s hard to stop at just one.

    I finished Death Note. What would you recommend next for an anime novice? I’ll ask my son, too.

    We are re-watching Stargate and have gotten up to Daniel’s ascension. I never really cared for Daniel. Not a popular opinion but there it is. I’m a Jonas Quinn fan. Oh and season five has some great storylines!

    I wish you could share all the backstage drama that led to Shanks departure. 😉 Season five is very Daniel centric. 🧐

    How’s Akemi’s birthday month so far? 🙂

  5. I’m really miffed you didn’t share any photos of Akemi’s birthday. Did you forget it? Are you mad at us? I’m just trying to guilt you into it now.

    You know, since I live in Texas, shouldn’t “I” be the one who decides the next governor? I have some issues with some of your candidates. I mean, come on….

    Coach Taylor, Hank Hill, Wes Anderson – WHO are these people??
    I hate to break it to you but Old Yeller is dead!
    Dan Rather – he blamed Texas for Kennedy’s assassination so he’s out.
    Matthew McConaughey sounds all warm and fuzzy but he told his kids to embrace their wealth. How rude.
    Mark Cuban is pretty cool along with Tommy Lee Jones. But cool don’t win.
    The list is a little sad. But it usually is. Guess I’ll take whatever Twitter decides.
    Hint, hint Twitter… Steve Martin

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