When this was delivered this afternoon, my first thought was that Suji had somehow gained access to my credit card and manage to order herself four bags of freeze dried salmon treats, four bags of freeze dried chicken treats, and two bags  of beef liver treats.  But then I realized “Wait.  No.  She doesn’t know the password to my laptop.”  Turns out the treats are courtesy of sis for Akemi’s birthday for Sunday.  That and, I expect, a three month supply of seaweed snacks.

Since everyone else is weighing in with their opinion, I offer up my Fantastic Four fancast…

I would watch (and write and produce) the hell out of this movie!

Today’s Yes/No…


More from the Stargate vault – the last of SG-1 season one concept art: death gliders, zat guns, and sarcophagi.

Img_3179 Img_3180 Img_3181 Sg1_1_ep22 Sg1_2_ep22 Sg1_3_ep22 Sg1_4_ep22 Sg1_5_ep22 Sg1_6_ep22 Sg1_7_ep22 Sg1_8_ep22 Sg1_9_ep22

Pretty cool, no?  On to season 2!

4 thoughts on “April 15, 2021: Suji’s haul, my Fantastic Four fancast, Yes/No, and more from the Stargate vault!

  1. Okay, let me get this straight… Akemi’s birthday is Sunday, but the family sends gifts to Suji? I’m good with that. 🙂

    I know the much beloved Akemi with get a lot of deserving gifts, attention, and love on her birthday. I’m not worried. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Akemi, siblings are the best! Suji takes good care of her family and deserves all the treats, cute outfits and walks. The detail on the SG art is so intricate, all that quality showed up on the screen.

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