Whew!  Almost forgot to blog!

I mean, it’s kind of crazy.  Every week, a small business shuts down and, every week, a new cannabis shop opens up.  Or I see an announcement of a new condo development.  It’s kind of depressing.

In the unlikely case you missed it, check out yesterday’s Dark Matter Monday discussion with actor Jeff Teravainen (Lt. John Anders!):

Today’s Yes/No…

Not here but if I were in Japan, I’d try it.  One of the most delicious drinks I had on my last drink was a Matcha-Pistachio Latte from Dean & DeLuca.  Man, I miss Tokyo.

Hey, is it just me or has the default writing on browsers and emails suddenly gotten smaller?  It’s NOT just me, right?

Also, has the threshold for what’s funny be dramatically lowered?  I’m watching twitter blow up with “hilarious” video clip that lead me to assume people are really desperate for humor.  I mean REALLY desperate.

Okay!  I have finally locked down my three pitches for next week’s zoom meeting.  I just need to flesh out and write up the third one tomorrow and, once that’s done, it’ll be smooooth sailing.  Now aside from the Powder Mage pitch scheduled for Friday, my week is free and clear – which means I’ll be spending that time working on my second draft of the Project F pilot.  I’ve got to come up with a multi-person puzzle.  I hate puzzles!

Thanks for the reminder, friendo!

8 thoughts on “April 13, 2021: Oops, almost forgot!

  1. Definitely not looking forward to Toronto becoming a cannabis central. 😤
    All those Zoom meetings … I am starting to feel Zoom fatigue. Sigh.

  2. “Also, has the threshold for what’s funny be dramatically lowered? I’m watching twitter blow up with “hilarious” video clip that lead me to assume people are really desperate for humor. I mean REALLY desperate.”

    Look at this Joe. Now this is hilarious!


    Look at the nose hairs on that girl!!! Looks like eyelashes or dreadlocks or a ponytail growing out of her nose. And those nose clippers even cut paper and metal scouring pads too.

    Hilarious. Yes, I’m desperate.

    1. Okay, that link did not load the same Twitter Ad that I was looking at. But I promise, they made a girl have thick black nose hairs down to her lips! Pretty funny. Trust me.

  3. Multi-person puzzle? You mean like the ending of the Fifth Element? Sorry, I had to go there.

  4. The bottom has fallen out of the apartment market here in Melbourne. Mostly due to the demise of the international university student and AirBNB markets which were the main renters of apartments. There’s still a lot of new construction happening, though! I’m sure the markets will recover.

    I got my first pair of reading glasses last year just before the pandemic. I don’t need them for the computer yet but font size in books, restaurant menus and on my phone have definitely shrunk!!!!

    I love puzzles! I’m been trying to teach myself how to solve cryptic crosswords. I can do the simple ones reasonably well but the advanced ones are really hard!

  5. Yes, I’ve noticed comedy going downhill. Does the Marijuana explain that?

    You didn’t just say “Smooth Sailing”, right? 🙄

  6. I used to be able to read 8 point text in pretty much in the dark about 10-15 years ago. I now swear that the print size on my OHIP card is shrinkning the more I look at it. I have no idea how I’ll be able to register for a vaccination, if I can’t read my number!

  7. Would that be the increase in resolution on TV ( UHD/4K ) and phones, especially iphones so characters now seem smaller even they are the same size in pixels, just now smaller pixels?

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