Tonight!  Actor Jeff Teravainen (Dark Matter’s Lieutenant Anders, Utopia Falls’ Gerald, and Splinter Cells’ several characters) joins us to talk Dark Matter Episode 301: Being Better Is So Much Harder…

Success!  I woke up early this morning (because I couldn’t sleep) and completed the second of my three pitches for next week.  One more brilliant idea to go.

Meanwhile, I’m progressing on the second draft of the Project F pilot and I am concerned that I am alternately changing too much and too little.  The entire first act has been excised, much of the fifth act rewritten, a completely new technology introduced and layered through the script, and two additional surprising untimely demises added – BUT acts two, three, and four remain more or less unchanged.  Once I’ve completed this pass, I’ll certainly review for more character moment opportunities, but I’m really loving the existing character dynamics and dialogue.

Meanwhile, incredibly disappointed TimEscape found no traction at the various places the package was sent.  I can only assume they didn’t bother reading before passing.  But maybe there’s a play to be made in the international market.  Taking a page out of the Dark Matter playbook, we secure an international sale and then nail down a Canadian broadcaster which will hopefully make it easier to close that U.S. sale as it will be an inexpensive acquisition as opposed to an expensive original.  The hardest part of all this, it would seem, is to get people to respond to emails.

Today’s Yes/No…

Finally, we welcome the debut of a new Dark Matter-themed podcast – Dark Chatter.  Check it out!

3 thoughts on “April 12, 2021: Orville Nation with Jeff Teravainen! Projects progress! Yes/No! And Dark Chatter!

  1. So disappointing to hear about TimEscape, hoping it does indeed get traction ala Dark Matter.

  2. I missed Orville Nation today. I’m actually working in the office for a change and it’s been all meetings this morning!

    Sorry to hear about the lack of interest in TimEscape! Maybe it’s the name? Whenever I see it I wonder to myself, “Who is Tim? And who/what is he escaping from?”

    I have 26 hours of queued podcasts at the moment. I’m not sure if I can handle another one! I try to listen an hour a day but new episodes are being released faster than I can listen! I wonder if there’s a word for this?

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