Later today, Dark Matter fans – I join the gang at Orville Nation to talk about the season 2 finale “But First We Save the Galaxy”…

Today’s Yes/No…

Okie-dokie – BIG week ahead.  3 Powder Mage pitchers over 2 days.  And I start work on the rewrite of my pilot for Project F.  THIS will be a tough one and I don’t really have a solution to several issues – but I’m hopeful the answers will magically appear as things move along.  If not, I may have to turn to ethereal muse – Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year old scotch.

When the dust settles on all this, I’d like to start catching up on some horror movies.  Came across this Best of 2021 list so far….

At the rate these projects are going, that may not be until winter of this year.

3 thoughts on “April 5, 2021: The Week Ahead!

  1. You can always bounce ideas off of us!! Maybe we can help move the story along, without you actually telling us what we are working on.

  2. I know you’re an extremely busy sci-fi scribe, but if I sent you a PDF of my first novel, Into The Dark, could you add it to your “Must Read Someday” list?

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