Akemi accuses me of having “Japanese Grandma Taste” because I enjoy the flavor of sakura cheesecake chocolates!

I’m being sakura-cheesecake-chocolate-shamed by my own wife!

Later today Dark Matter fans –

Join us as we discuss Episode 212, Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose – and it’s shocking and controversial ending.

Today’s Yes/No…

Ah, this takes me back to when I was living in Vancouver.  I’d pick up ube cake from my local Philippine bakery and enjoy a slice topped with vanilla ice cream and avokaat (eggnog-flavored) liquor.


This morning, Paul Cornell and I did a zoom run-thru of our pitch for that reimagined sci-fi classic.  I think it’s a great take and we’re both very excited at the prospect of possibly, just maybe, developing it to full-blown series.  But, first things first.

Speaking of firsts – I have my first Powder Mage pitch tomorrow afternoon.   The executive we’ll be pitching to is considered a friendly, so it should be a relatively relaxed start to this sales tour.

Finally, I leave you with this breaking news from my mom: Someone has made a movie based on Howard’s End!

6 thoughts on “March 29, 2021: The Monday Report!

  1. I would have thought Akemi would be proud of you for liking Japanese flavors such as the sakura cheesecake chocolates. Sounds like young people flavor to me. Didn’t know “Japanese grandmas” love that kind of flavor. LOL.

  2. Don’t be too hard on Mom. I missed the same 1992 film, though I saw and remember the 2017 miniseries. May miss a lot more new releases in this Confucian-Cursed year.

    May not get to Toronto this year, either. 😕

  3. I’ve never heard of Howard’s End. I’ll check it out!

    Living with someone does expose all the flaws hidden. My hubby likes Chili with Parmesan. I love Chili and I love Parm but when you both of those together…Yuck! It smells horrid.

    Good luck with the new show!

    Today, I’m getting my second Covid vaccination. It brings hope for the future.

  4. Oh, and is anyone getting crazy spam texts lately? I block the numbers but there’s 21 numbers on each text. It takes a while. 🙁 Someone sold my data.

    1. @TAM DIXON
      Spam calls and texts I get them once in a while, sometimes in different languages. Also noticed some legit numbers have been phished … My number also had been phised before.

  5. Wait, was your reference to Howard’s End supposed to reinforce your “grandmaness?” If so, went right over my head. 🙂

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