So, the first Powder Mage pitch went very well.  I think.  No notes in the post-zoom review.  And the execs seem to respond well.  I mean, no one did that thing where your attention wanders to something else off-screen – like a second conversation, beautiful view, or funny cat – and the follow-up questions were smart and on point.  So next, we follow up with the pitch deck (a more detailed overview of the series with terrific accompanying visuals) for them to peruse at their leisure.  And, while we await their response…

I switch gears to prepping the pitch for that classic sci-fi reimagining.  My partner on this one, Paul Cornell, and I will reconvene on Thursday for a final run-thru in advance of the big event.

Then, next week, I’m looking at another three Powder Mage pitches…so far.

Todays’ Yes/No…

I truly regret introducing my wife to the Beastars anime.  THIS is the result –

Pxl_20210330_183726333 Pxl_20210330_183745754 Pxl_20210330_183747454

10 thoughts on “March 30, 2021: Pitches, Burger Fries, and Dinosaur Hoodie!

  1. Sorry Joe. I am still laughing! Hahahahahaha.
    I really hope you both don’t appear in my dream tonight with those outfit. LOL

  2. I’ll need to see the back of that hoodie to make a proper dino identification. Some kind of nodosaur perhaps.

    Sure, I’ll try the teriyaki fries thingies.

  3. Akemi is beautiful in her Beastars anime coat thing. Probably because she is smiling and happy. Perhaps if you worked on your attitude and smiled too, you could look beautiful like Akemi.

  4. You have a great co-writer in Paul Cornell. He wrote probably the best, most emotional episodes of the revised Doctor Who. I can’t wait to see the results of your collaboration

  5. In the UK we’ve had a cheap maize-snack thing called “Quarter-Pounders” for decades. I used to love them as a kid, but nowadays not so much. Have they changed the flavouring? Or have I just gotten older?! Who knows.

  6. Oh yes, this is a priceless photo series, it has been a gloomy start of the week here with rain but this photo is brightening my week! And now I want to watch this show, it must be awesome.

    Yes to the teriyaki burger snacks, I love shrimp flavored puffs and savory crisps. Still waiting for my nori rice crackers, if I’m gonna snack it may as well be fantastic. Which is why I’ll be making a lunch brunch of spinach omelet, mini tartiflette from premade roast potatoes, and fresh fruit.

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