Alrighty.  Almost finished locking down the pitch for the reimagining of that classic sci-fi series.  All that’s really left to do is a polish, sign-off on the final changes, and a divvying up of the pitch proper.  10 days and counting!

Also, locking down dates and times for the Powder Mage pitch.  The first is in a little less than a week.

Awaiting updates on TimEscape and the horror feature, and looking to nail down potential homes for the other time travel series pitch.

I expect I’ll be drinking a lot more double chocolate mocha’s in the coming weeks.

Today’s Yes/No…

I mean, why not?

More goodies from the Stargate vault…

Img_3173 Sg1_1_ep15-16 Sg1_2_ep15-16 Sg1_3_ep15-16 Sg1_4_ep15-16 Sg1_5_ep15-16 Sg1_6_ep15-16 Sg1_7_ep15-16 Sg1_9_ep15-16

10 thoughts on “March 23, 2021: Pitches, Stargate, and French Toast Sandwiches!

  1. Speaking of Stargate, somebody took the time to gather all the breadcrumbs about a possible fourth and put them together on the Franchise’s Wikipedia page. Yay !

  2. Is the third illustration (guest quarters) also from “Hathor”? I can’t help but notice that drafty slit the female figure’s gown.

  3. Do you intend the reimagined Stargate to also reimagine how the tech works? There is huge new story potential simply by making a gate connect 2 regions physically like the Hyperion Farcaster, so one can move and see both ways and there is no opaque puddle. Can you please do this?

    1. Two way travel would mean it would be too easy to send weapons as soon as the gate opens in the other direction It was right the first time

  4. Yes, to the French toast sandwich and yesterday’s hot chicken looked amazing! The junk food cheese chicken would probably be tasty, too. Messy but I liked all the ingredients. I need to make a list of great Toronto eateries, just in case.

    So, we are re-watching SG1 and I have to say Christopher Judge is one of the best actors of the cast. His character is so low key but when it comes time for emotion, Christopher can bring it. The first season is a little hard to get through. with Tin Man was one of the my favorite episodes. You didn’t sign on until season four, yes?

  5. As for the PM pitch preps, Not too much coffee I hope.

    You Got This.

    You are a brilliant story teller, Joe.
    So, just be yourself.
    Keep it simple.
    Have fun
    and tell the story.

    They’re gonna love it. XO

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