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With the sudden proliferation of fried chicken joints in the city, I’ve decided to up make intake game and sample them all.  Today, it was the Hot Chick from Chick Magnet

Pxl_20210322_155325102 Pxl_20210322_155406407 Pxl_20210322_155440077

A delicious and truly excellent start to my fried chicken journey.

On a related note – Today’s Yes/No…

Up this week: Wednesday notes call on Project F, Thursday zoom interview on the science of sci-fi, reviewing my Powder Mage pitch, completing the pitch for the reboot of that classic SF series with the killer opening theme.

5 thoughts on “March 22, 2021: Fried Chicken, Dark Matter, and the Week Ahead!

  1. I still am firmly in the belief that if you can’t tell your story in less that 2.5 hours then it either needs another edit or another story.

    The chicken sandwich you had looks great. The chicken sandwich on Twitter is a big no.

    Hopefully the classic SF series keeps moving along!

  2. Make sure to add Indie Ale house on your list for Fried Chicken. I always try to go every time I am in Toronto if I can. However, I think DL Chicken in Vancouver has them beat. DL is trying the best fried chicken in all of Vancouver.

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