This morning, Akemi was shocked to discover that the word “goofy” actually PRECEDED the Disney character by the same name.

My wife is endlessly entertaining.

Today’s Yes/No…

I’ve got a pack of wasabi Kit Kats sitting in my kitchen.  Who am I to judge?

Hey, in case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s Dark Matter Monday panel with special guests director Paul Day, actor Brendan Murray, and special guest panelist Simone Bailey…

Let’s raid the Stargate vault!

Sg1_1_ep13 Sg1_2_ep13-1 Sg1_3_ep13 Sg1_4_ep13 Sg1_5_ep13 Sg1_7_ep13 Sg1_8_ep13 Sg1_10_ep13

4 thoughts on “March 16, 2021: The Tuesday Edition!

  1. I love key lime and chocolate. I’ve never had them together but I’d try it. If I find them here, I’ll pick one up.

    I do love your Akemi stories. Does she mind that you’re sharing these gems?

    Is your Mom having her second shot anytime soon? My arm was sore for a week with the first one but I didn’t run a fever or feel bad. My second shot is at the end of this month. Our area has opened up the shot to ages above 16. It gives me hope.

  2. Akemi is delightful!

    Yes, please, to the key lime anything (including Kit Kat’s).

    Thank you for the artwork!

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