Get ready, Dark Matter fans!  In about 30 minutes, our Dark Matter Monday panel reconvenes to discuss “Take the Shot”, Episode 210.  We’ll be joined by Director Paul Day and actor Brendan Murray (Victor).  Do join us!

A little Yes-No?

So, looks like I’ll be leading the Powder Mage charge with a verbal pitch (as opposed to leading with the pitch deck).   Spent much of today pulling it together – my introduction, the opening tease, the world, the pilot episode and the character introductions, the series overview, tone and themes.  I’m hoping to finalize the document by end of day tomorrow so I can start reviewing and rehearsing, maybe a couple of hundred times before the process actually begins.

Speaking of pitches, my partner on that proposed classic sci-fi reboot, the lovely and talented Paul Cornell, is presently hammering out a preliminary pitch.  He’s got a great take that he’s been sitting on for four years (the last time we discussed taking a run at the series) and I’m looking forward to getting it out there.

Wednesday, Tara and I have yet another zoom chat concerning that small town horror series (It’s Paper Moon meets The Haunting of Bly Manor!).    We’ve prepared a pitch, but I’m hoping it’s more of a relaxed conversation.  A leisurely chart if you will.

No updates on TimEscape as it makes its continues its circuitous journey through the Hollywood decision machine.  Thought, of course, if there was good news, I would have heard by now.  The same goes for my horror feature.

Finally, I’ve been impatiently awaiting notes on the first draft of my sci-fi/gaming/k-pop series.  Finally got them, let them sit in my inbox for a couple of days, reviewed, and instantly envied my pre-notes state.  Be careful what you wish for!

2 thoughts on “March 15, 2021: Dark Matter, Red Bean Juice, and Projects on the Go!

  1. I do like red bean drinks. It hits the spot when you’re hungry, but it’s too hot to eat. These kinds of drinks are the forefathers of Boba Tea, as the bean drinks sometimes included tapioca noodles. You probably know all this, having lived in a town with a large Vietnamese population.

  2. Speaking of Dark Matter, is there any chance that we might get a novelization of the series? I recently started reading the Firefly books and it’s amazing how they keep the tone of the series going. I would of course love to see more of Dark Matter as a series, but if books existed I would definitely buy ’em. Just putting it out there…

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