Tonight!  Join me, director Peter DeLuise, writer Ivon Bartok, and the gang at Orville Nation to discuss Dark Matter Episode 209, Going Out Fighting…

A raucous time guaranteed!

And something for the Stargate fans…

How about a little Yes/No?

A disquieting number of Yes’s in comment thread.

So, how shall we relaunch the Book of the Month Club?  I’m thinking we could put together a short list of three titles, then vote, then have a month to read.  What do you think?

Hey, techies, here’s something for you.  I keep receiving the following email.  And, yes, the sender is legit:


Attempting to follow the instructions but, apparently, my device is offline…


What to do?  Should I care?

12 thoughts on “March 8, 2021: Reminders! And, hey, tech support!

  1. It sounds like this My Home cloud is a network attached storage device that you access through the internet, even though it’s at your place? It may sound like a cliche, but have you tried powering the device off and back on to see if it will reconnect? Also, are you able to access it otherwise? I do have a couple of devices that only check for firmware updates when they are power reset.

    I’m not sure if I can read fast enough to get through three books a month, but I can pick one and follow along.

    1. Oh, I see it will be just one book a month anyway, LOL.

      Another possibility for your My Home is that there is a function in your local app to do the update. I would check for that too. I’ll see if I can find out more info.

      1. Sounds like it’s supposed to update automatically, so not sure. Also, make sure you have backups before making firmware changes!

  2. I would say yes to a Diliy Dilly Dog. Do you know how hard it is to keep relish on a corn dog long enough to reach the mouth?

  3. If this is legit and it is a service you actually use, just go directly to the site.
    Log in and download directly from there.

    If you do not see a notice and link requiring update software directly at the site
    then you may have unfortunately once again been played by young malicious hackers.

    If that’s the case, all you can do really is report the email to the company and appropriate legal authorities and run a scan on your devices to check for cookies and trackers or changed settings that allow someone remote live access to your laptop and/or phone to see what you are typing in at websites.
    As a rule of thumb, I no longer click links in emails if I did not personally request them and am not 100% expecting them to show up in my box. I always go directly to the website in question
    to check legitimacy first.

    If it is indeed legit and you are still having problems – just uninstall your current copy and download the new software package directly from their website.

    1. Thanks, Drea. When I sign it, it informs me that my “device is offline”.


  4. Have you tried completely uninstalling your current mycloud software and downloading a fresh new software package? then re-signing up/subscribing.

    If that doesn’t work contact their tech support.

    In the meantime I’ll ask some of our remaining education volunteers at MIT to see if anyone there knows anything about it? Personally, I’ve never used My Cloud so not sure what to tell ya beyond that.

    I’m assuming you only use it to automatically back up/store work and files to the web??

    If that’s the case …
    You can always keep an external thumb drive inserted into your lap top and just manually click to back up work and files to the thumb drive … so you don’t have to bother with My Cloud, no?

  5. I gotta agree with GForce – have you tried turning it off and back on again? It’s a cliche for a reason: it often works!

    I assume you can access your files while you’re at home but what about when you’re out? While you’re at home you’ll be using your WiFi and everything will be local but when you’re not at home it should connect over the Internet and that should tell you if the box is “online” or not.

    Otherwise, I’d suggest doing what it says on the screenshot . . . Contact support.

    I hate pickles so it’s a big “Hell no!” from me for Dilly Dilly Dogs.

    I have some meetings this morning but I will try to catch some of Orville Nation in between!

  6. Hi M. Mallozzi, I’m curious about the new SG serie in the work. Don’t know if you can answer my question, but here they are:

    1- How likely are you to be back to write episodes of SG ?
    2- Besides MGM to get into the project, they need a channel (or many) like Syfy to buy the series, Have they been approach and have they show interest ?

  7. Yes, Drea’s correct about never clicking on the link. That’s how the DNC got hacked.

    Did you get your device online?

    Wowza, I got my first Covid vaccination today and an appointment for the second shot at the end of the month. It seems the pace is picking up here. They lowered the age limit and added teachers/first responders/medical personal. Everyone rags on the South but we’re kicking butt with these vaccinations.

    I hope your Mom is feeling better.

    If I was really, really hungry I would eat the dill corndog. However, a normal corndog is perfect with mustard, of course.

    Line Noise I found Rolos! That brownie recipe you shared might be in my future. 🙂

  8. Those Dilly Dilly Dogs are so disgusting looking I couldn’t even stay long enough on your Tweet to vote. Nasty!

    I am very tech illiterate. Don’t believe all those emails. Wait for whatever it is to go out, then go buy a new one of whatever it is. That’s what I would do. Thing is, the thingy never goes out after all. It’s like I keep getting calls my Apple device has been hacked. I don’t have an Apple device. My Amazon Prime account has been used. I don’t have that either. Lately it’s been my social security number is being fraudulently used on the border. These scammers are relentless.

  9. A bit late, but:
    Look in the manual for the MyCloud device to see if it has a local webpage available from your computer, as routers do, where you can change settings. They often have the ability to upgrade the firmware from there.

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