6 thoughts on “March 4, 2021: What you’re missing out on, not living with me…

  1. I love these little vignettes of life at the Joe & Akemi household. They’re like little visits that help me get through the day!

  2. You two are too cute. Has Akemi made any decisions about whether or not she wants to try her hand at growing her own mushrooms at home?

    Situation Update: A mix of really good news and some not so wonderful news.

    Continuing unpacking and getting settled into the new residence. Went and checked out the new neighborhood a bit more today. Its actually nicer here than my old neighborhood and there is a park within walking distance. So that’s a +plus+.
    Unfortunately no joy on getting a vaccine Wednesday due to suffering a severe jaundice flare up with slight fever spike beginning around 10 am. By the time I got to the pharmacy at Sams Club, where i was scheduled for a vaccine at noon, they took one look at the yellowing, bruising, and all too visible veins on my arms and hands, and said they did not want to risk giving me a vaccine in a non hospital setting without a doctor present because of the concern i could possibly have a serious reaction to it.
    Albeit, neither the hospital doctors or the doctors at the county clinic have offered me the vaccine yet.
    And each time i have inquired they simply reply “Lets get your bilirubin under control first”,
    without explaining or elaborating?

    I cannot think of a single reasonable medical explanation why my body could not tolerate the vaccine?? Especially since neighborhood pharmacy sites at CVS, Walmart, Sams, Publix and Winndixie supermarkets, have been giving it to people with all kinds of higher risk medical conditions. Including someone who showed up at the same SAMS pharmacy at the same time i did for the vaccine
    who has an auto immune disorder. The only difference between my pre existing conditions and the other patient who the pharmacy ‘did’ indeed grant the vaccine to is my symptoms were manifesting and clearly visible to others at the time of the appointment while theirs were not.
    So now, i will have to go back to the health clinic even before my next scheduled visit.
    Just so i can see one of the doctors to obtain a written release that says it’s okay for me to receive the vaccine. Then, i will have to try to get another appointment at SAMS or another local pharmacy.
    1st vaccine appointment took a month to obtain, with lots of people making calls around town on my behalf. So here’s to hoping the 2nd attempt does not take quite as long.

    Mood today
    In a nut shell …
    –> (#!@$#&!!# insert as many expletives in as many languages as humanly and zoologically possible here!!##@$%#!!).

    Ok … I’m done with my gripe of the day. Breath-in …… slowly exhaling……… .

    I am however very happy to hear your mom got hers, Joe and that she did okay with it without any terribly serious side effects. I’m sure it is of tremendous relief for You and Andria to know she is now better protected from serious illness. Extremely relieved Tam’s mom was able to get hers, as well.

    The good news is I scored one more resource today to help with new special dietary needs for my bilirubin problem. Also, The hospital social worker made calls on my behalf last week and got my med costs lowered a bit more. She phoned this morning to inform me the paperwork is on its way to me now, explaining the lower cost agreement, and that it will take effect as soon as i read thru it, place my signature and mail it back.

    Thank you so incredibly much again to everyone who came together and worked so very quickly to keep me from drowning in the under tow in middle of this scary ocean on a moon-less night. You guys are AMAZING! Next couple months are still gonna be rough for me for sure. Albeit, thanks to all of you I will get thru it ok and now have enough time to catch my second breath to enable me to swim safely back to shore.

    Extra Warm Hugs n Love @Ponytail today
    with funny beagle n panda dreams n much happier day thoughts. xo


  3. Did I hear that correctly about Akemi falling down the stairs? :O

    I’d love to try her café.

  4. Yeah, pom is best as a splash in fresh lemonade, I’ve been blending lfresh lime and orange with an finger of pomegranate and sugar substitute for a refreshing summery drink. The only thing stronger might be Concord Grape though I think Pom gives it a run for the money. I didn’t bother to read the ounces on offer a week ago and I now have a gigantic bottle of Pom in the fridge that should last through next Christmas.

    I discovered tartiflette on the Chateau Diaries vlog and had to try it, I simmered the potatoes in olive oil and butter with Italian sausage instead of bacon, basil, onion, garlic and spices. I transferred it to my roasting pan to bake with cream and loads of cheese, the kitchen still smells heavenly, though cleanup was no fun. Now I’m making wheat-free brownies with almond flour and fluffy coconut flakes. I am beat from a whole day of washing up but it’s been fun to chef it up in the kitchen.

  5. I can’t get enough of Akemi’s lovely laugh! Her delight is infectious and always brightens my day. You really must tip her better!

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