Yes, it’s true.  Well be joined by the reclusive Lawren Bancroft-Wilson – writer, producer, visual effects coordinator – to discuss the BIG AU episode: Stuff To Steal, People to Kill.  PLUS – we may have a surprise guest make an appearance.  But who knows?  Well, YOU will if you tune in later today!

How about a little Yes/No…

It combines one of the things I love most with one of the things I hate most.  I am conflicted.


To those wondering, I’m the kid with the blue jacket, second from left in the back row.  My sister, Andria, is the one holding our poodle, Snoopy (who now looks a lot bigger in the photo than I remember him growing up).  Congratulations to all those who guessed correctly.

I am in the process of reviewing every Kpop song released in February in preparation for my Top 10 duel with the amazing and knowledgeable Carolyn Hinds.  Our rankings go head to head and fans will decide which one of us got it (more) right!

6 thoughts on “March 1, 2021: Dark Matter! Nutella Popcorn! And a Dueling Top 10!

  1. Your that kid??! No way!!! The cute one? And your sister is the pretty girl! I guess I was expecting you to be younger. Can’t believe your mom let you grow your hair that long. Very handsome picture of you and your sis, Joe. Old photos are so much fun. Been going through a lot them lately myself.

  2. Oh and yes to the Nutella Popcorn. And if you want, forget the popcorn and just give me the Nutella.

  3. Did you Mom do okay after getting vaccinated? My Mom didn’t have any problems. I feel so much better knowing she’s protected. I’m going to drive up Friday for a quick lunch with her. I have brownies in the oven, right now, to take with me.

    Have you heard from Drea about how the move went?

    Again, I love the picture!

    Have a good evening.

  4. Considering my failing memory these days, am actually surprised i was correct on my second guess that it was you standing in the back row. Albeit, I was only partially correct about Andria. As you revealed, she is standing in middle row next to your young cousin in the trenchcoat but she’s the one holding the dog, not the one in the green coat.

    Progress update on my situation: Moved into my new residence, Sunday. It’s just a month to month rental of a tiny room in a shared house and bathroom with 3 other people but its home for now and keeps me safe from landing in a dangerous seedy motel or homeless shelter and the people in the new home here are very nice. Still battling liver and stomach infection and the bile problem causing severe jaundice but meds are helping and am gradually getting better.

    I finally was given an appointment to get my 1st vaccine shot tomorrow, Wednesday, due to my being much higher health risk. I’d been trying for a month with no luck till now. I thank all the friends and angels for their help with making calls on my behalf.

    Next step will be finding work outside the home with a steadier income than the remote ed consulting projects I’d been doing and acquiring enough steady income to re – enroll in sufficient marketplace health insurance so I can afford the final diagnostics needed to determine what stage the ILC is at and get mapped for a new cancer treatment plan. For those of you not in the know, Florida has been one of the last hold out states for expanding medicaid and medicare coverage so I was previously denied due to not meeting age and disability requirements, despite the hardship, my current low income level, and my state of deteriorating health. I have put in a legal case rejection appeal but am told it may be months before my case is reviewed. Thus, more income than I’ve got has been coming out of my pocket just for basic dr visit co pays, meds, dietary needs, housing, etc . And now that I was forced to move in a hurry with rents skyrocketing I am having to come up with even a couple hundred more dollars per month just to keep a roof over my head. (orlando area has a very long wait list for affordable housing and simply referred me to a homeless shelter as alternative to my not being able to afford the higher rents at the moment ).
    The money you guys were so wonderful to pitch in will help get me thru March while I wait out other resource applications submitted.

    Back to unpacking now. Will keep everyone updated as I make progress getting my
    life and livelihood re-stabilized.

    Sending Love Warmest Hugs and happier day thoughts to all

    -Drea xo

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