In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s Dark Matter Monday broadcast wherein we discussed Episode 208 (Stuff To Steal, People To Kill) with VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.  He offers interesting insights on the show’s visual effects, their progression throughout the show’s run, as well as a few behind the scenes anecdotes .  Actress Torri Higginson also drops by for a quick hello.  Check it out…

Came across the following article today warning of the dangers of flea collars.  The EPA apparently can’t be bothered to warn consumers, so spread the word…

To those asking, my mother received her Pfizer vaccine yesterday.  In terms of adverse reactions, she apparently napped twice during the day and her arm hurt all night.  Your mileage may vary.

How about a little Yes/No?

I am…curious.

Got an email from a production company interested in that small town horror pilot.  The script has always gotten a lot of love, but it’s yet to get that elusive green light.  Maybe a shift in creative direction is in order.  Tara and I are discussing leaning more into the horror elements.  All that’s required is for us to rethink our approach the first season.  Easy!

Tammy, thanks for the brownie recipe (It’s in yesterday’s comments section for those on the look-out).  It’s been ages since I’ve baked and these may be just the thing to get me back in the saddle.

Finally, today’s blog entry is dedicated to Drea who has offered an update on her present situation.  Sending positive thoughts her way.

10 thoughts on “March 2, 2021: The Tuesday Report!

  1. Do you have an edge pan? They bake more evenly in those. I had a hard time getting them to bake evenly in a regular pan because the batter is very thick. A friend of mine used a cast iron skillet and had good results. I hope you like them. FYI, I also add a few mini chocolate chips.

    I’m sorry your Mom felt a little down after the shot. Some of my friends felt a little off too but my Mom didn’t. Her Dr. told her to take Tylenol before/after. Your Mom can check with her Dr about recommendations on the second dose.

    Waves to Drea!

  2. Many people report “1-2 days of flu-like symptoms” after their 2nd dose (both Pfizer and Moderna). But at least your mom is now more protected against severe illnesses. Happy for her.

    Prayers and best wishes to Drea.

  3. I haven’t bothered with flea collars for literally decades. I use the liquid drops on the back of the neck for my cats. It seems to work.

    Peanut butter cups are disgusting. But maybe they’re better without the pseudo-chocolate?

    OMG, Tam Dixon! Those brownies! I will try that recipe. And I love those tins! I wonder if I can get them in Australia?

    My favourite brownie recipe is this: They’re from a cafe/bakery in New Zealand called Pandoro.

    I also make this recipe quite often:
    (Without the ice cream because . . . bananas.) Rolos are quite hard to find these days unless you live in the UK so I need to get a regular care package posted over!

  4. Thanks, Joe.

    Came across these two articles about an hour ago about others here in U.S facing extremely difficult, beyond emotionally and physically exhausting, trials during this pandemic.

    Just makes me feel all the more blessed and fortunate to have my blog fam, some very good friends and angels helping out to get me thru this awful situation.

    How wonderful Torri Higginson was able to drop in on your weekly DM fan chat.

    Love ya guys today and everyday and always more than words could ever adequately relay. XO

    1. Memphis had a lot of no shows for vaccine appointments yesterday. They said 450 doses might go to waste and were begging people (eligible people) to call up for the first dose. I’m not sure what’ going on there but that is crazy. Still, I’m talking to more and more people (older, sick, medical professionals and teachers) in MS/TN that have had one or two doses.

      Biden predicts everyone can be vaccinated by the end of May. I do believe the mask mandate should be encouraged but most everyone I know will wear a mask, regardless of mandates.

      I’m very happy the move went okay and you’ve had your first dose, Drea. “Waves”

  5. Hey good news! Did you hear? Our idiotic governor of Texas is opening the state back up! No more mask wearing! Everything can open back up 100%! Life can go back to normal! We are no longer in a pandemic or have Covid! Happy days are here again! I don’t think I’ll bother getting the vaccine now. Why? No problems here in Texas. Everybody come on down! Freakingsh*the@dpie<eofcr@p! (Last time he did something this stupid my father died!)

    Joe glad your mom did okay with the vaccine.

    Tam – Thanks for the brownie recipe. I need some now!!

    Drea – Keep hanging in there. Praying for you.

  6. Good for your mom! My parents, who are down near Tampa, received their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday and my husband and I (because he’s a senior I’m eligible) received our first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. My arm hurt all night and is still stiff this morning.

  7. Glad to hear your mom got the vaccine, Montreal rules! Many of our family and friends are signed up but still waiting.

    Exciting news on the small town horror front, I’ve been liking twisty shows like The Stranger, Behind Her Eyes and I Am The Night though I also like that they’re limited series that can pack big twists. I did love True Blood and Bates Motel but am still too scared to watch Walking Dead.

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