A few that caught my eye this week…


Marvels Voices: Legacy #1 – cover art by Olivier Coipel


New Mutants #16 – cover art by Christian Ward


Ice Cream Man #23 – cover art by Valentine De Landdro


Batman: Black & White #3 – cover art by Joshua Middleton


Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #2 – cover art by Ian MacDonald


Future State: Suicide Squad #2 – cover art by Derrick Chew


Future State: Superman – House of El #1 – cover art by Jay Anacleto


The Joker War Saga – cover art by Ben Oliver


Bloodshot #11 – cover art by Leonardo Manco

So, which were your favorites?


3 thoughts on “February 24, 2021: Amazing Covers!

  1. Those cool big groups of supes remind me of Fortnite, something I love to watch but cannot play, the minute I stopped gaming I lost all my finger waggling abilities to wage virtual war on zombies and dinos. It’s damp and raining, with ice and snow melting as well and that is what I’m blaming for the apple fritters that landed in my delivery order. I am getting better tho, I tossed out a bunch of junk but the apple fritters have been haunting me for some time. I’m off to watch that new Gilmore Girl type show on Netflix which is really just an update of Mermaids, as was GG.

  2. Loved the B&W Batman! It harkened back to my childhood of B&W TV and photography. The Joker War Saga was amazing! All were good selections.

    Here are some of my picks:
    (Via League of Comic Geeks)




    And my favorite:


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