Later today, Dark Matter fans…

In case you missed it, Stargate fans, David Read and I discuss SG-1’s seventh season…

Today, I recorded the first episode of the Gaters Gonna Rate podcast for The Companion – and it included a super special guest I haven’t seen in ages!

Other than that, I’ve spent the entirety of the rest of the day entering, re-entering, and changing passwords and varied verification codes in an ultimately futile attempt to transfer the entire contents of my old mac book to my new mac book.  I am exhausted and the only thing keeping me from hurling my new mac off the balcony is Akemi – and the fact that the recent snowfall would undoubtedly cushion the fall.


8 thoughts on “February 22, 2021: Podcasts and endless passwords!

  1. New macbook?! Yay?
    I thought all your contents are in the cloud, no? … Thought would be an easy transfer?

    My 12.5 years old “lightweight dinosaur” travel laptop died this January.
    Now waiting for my 10 years old “home use” laptop to die … while playing with my brand newly built home PC.

    I finally got rid of my 10 years old slow modem and upgraded to faster one yesterday. Technician made the switch somewhat painless. Didn’t think I needed a faster connection (particular the upload speed), but with all the abundance of stay-home days … I’m really to blow! LOL.

  2. Computer fraud has screwed us all. Even if you haven’t been hacked, we all deal with the effects.

    You said futile? You didn’t get it switched over? Is it time for an Apple genius?

    Our weather is finally back to normal with the temps being in the low 60’s F( 15.5C). It’s odd because it’s almost short sleeve shirt weather but there are still snowman (or snow drifts) stubbornly hanging on in a few places.

  3. By the way, Joe, thanks for sharing the snow last week…but did you have to send SO DAMN MUCH???

  4. Do you have the Keychain feature enabled for your passwords? That should make all your passwords move over automatically. I’ve enabled that for all my devices, and use the suggested “strong” password that it provides for the most part. With that, the passwords are updated on my iPhone, the iPad, and my Mac.

  5. Hey, bit of a weird one.

    I find the Dark Matter Universe kind of amazing. It has so many complex interlocking parts. I am not planning to be a writer but to get rid of some of the tension I am experiencing from corporate behaviours I am wanting to write a little. A character in that universe would serve that function.

    I have a lot of my own ideas about how to set up that universe. I wanted to know what the legalities are of writing a story within that universe? I could technically plan an entire story around a similar universe with enough planning to differentiate it from the Dark Matter one – for instance, the robots would not be androids they could be more basic, just to allow for corporate surveillance and such. But I think the universe is so compelling me and other individuals likely would like to write it within that universe. I think Dark Matter is good enough to become a cult phenomena.

    Like, the ‘corporate war’ idea allows for some fluidity for my main character to interact in rather than potential straight tyranny – my main character is going to attract unwelcome scrutiny and distractions are necessary. Even though the events of the crew of the Raza do take on a somewhat ridiculous sci fi leaning I do not think anything that happened in that series is so ridiculous to not be part of a more grounded story.

    1. Nothing is stopping you from writing stories based in the Dark Matter universe for your personal enjoyment. I think fan fiction is great and a lot of genre shows are fine with fan-created works so long as they are not monetized.

      1. That’s a difficult one. I really do not plan to monetise and could always change it later if I did want to, that universe is very attractive. Not sure how much flexibility I would have writing in the world though. I would love to have my main character develop telepathy or something and would want the police to be more advanced than they were in Dark Matter. Maybe a bit like the woman in Continuum. I think the corporations would just hire conformist morons, and would make more effort to ensure the charade of law, rather than underfund the police. It will be a struggle to keep it out of dystopia.

        However, just wanted to say. It is an incredibly rich universe and is a shame that we will not see more of it. It is more interesting than The Expanse, or Continuum, or Stargate SG-1 (Too many malevolent aliens in that one). I hope you can all do a spin off series or something!

  6. Gah! I feel your pain. I need a new phone, but the whole process of getting it set up has me putting it off.

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