Later today, Dark Matter fans!  Orville Nation reconvenes with a discussion of Episode 206, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”.  Join us!


Akemi and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going for a walk and picking up some eclairs from Nugateau.  Macadamia and Pistachios vs Raspberry and Vanilla-Raspberry.  Guess whose was whose.


So, what was your least favorite episode of Stargate?

Finally, how about a little seasonal Yes/No?


8 thoughts on “February 15, 2021: Dark Matter fans reconvene! Eclairs! Yes/No! And your least favorite Stargate episode!

  1. Macadamia and Pistachios for Joe.
    Raspberry and Vanilla-Raspberry for Akemi.
    All look yummy. 🙂

  2. Least favorite: The SGA episode that mentioned the naming of the HAMMOND.

    Second least favorite: The final SGU episode.

    It’s difficult for me to recall a single bad one. SG managed to avoid the plots one sees in fan fic. (Example: CASTLE after the original showrunner stepped away.)

  3. “Emancipation” is easily and by far my least favourite SG episode ever. In fact, it’s a good thing I wound up getting into SG well into the series’ run and then going back and watching earlier season episodes. Because if I had’ve hit that one so early, I likely would have bailed!

    Yes on the Frappucino, because anything with cherry anything is my favourite.

  4. Emancipation and ex aequo Athor are our least favorite. Fortunatly, we are over them since last week in our rewatch of all 15 Stargate seasons!

  5. Macadamias and pistachios sound yummy! No to the cherry blossoms unless there’s a handy epi-pen nearby.

    Without a moment’s hesitation, my least favorite episode is Space Race. Ugh!

  6. Does a Frappucino have coffee in it? If yes, then I say no.

    I’d guess your plate has the green pastry? They all look delicious though.

    I’d agree with Gforce about Emancipation. It was a little cringey. I need to start a rewatch.

  7. It’s so hard to think of my least favorite stargate episodes. However Politics or Emancipation would probably it for SG1. For SGA it’s really hard, even Harmony which is my least favorite, I still like a lot.

    The worst for me has to be Air part 1, 2 and 3. I loved SGU, the second half of season 1 and all of season 2 where brilliant, some of the best stargate ever made in my opinion. Although there is something about those three episodes I find really hard to engage with. I think it maybe a mix of an extremely undersaturated color palate and over the top camera wobble. Visually it’s not engaging and hard to see what is happening half the time. Then the constant jumping around time line with different characters felt messy to me, although I was never a fan of the Lost style story structure. But above all of that is just how slow it feels and I don’t know why as there is a lot happening but it felt for me like there was no payoff at the end. I think I understand why those decisions where made but I just feel personally it didn’t work at all. I think it would have been so much stronger if it just followed Eli linearly through all those events and used him as the sole entrance into this universe. Like John Shepard was in the Atlantis pilot.

    I’m really sorry if that paragraph above was a little harsh, I don’t mean to attack SGU there. I love SGU, it’s one of my favorite Sci-fi shows around since airing (I used to chat on your blog all the time after each episode airing back in 2010, the Q & A’s with the cast were awesome too!). That’s just my honest feeling after recently re-watching all of Stargate though lockdown. On that note though, I am so grateful for you guys making stargate, living alone in lockdown, trapped in a house alone in England for almost year and where most Sci-Fi is just dark and depressing. Stargate has been a god send! Always makes me a little happier than before I watched it. So thank you! I really wish they made shows like this again. Not everything needs to be dark, dystopian and depressing.

  8. As an aside to least favourite SG episodes, I always loved the titles of Dark Matter, probably the best being ‘We Voted Not to Space You’. I hope TimeSccape has such witty titles.

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