I’d like to start off today’s entry by alerting you all to a fundraiser organized by a fellow longtime blog reader  who is facing some very difficult challenges.  Please click on the link for Drea’s story –

Fundraiser for Drea

These are trying times for all of us, but some are clearly having a rougher time than most.  So I’d love to know how you’re all doing.  Drop a comment and let us know.

Here in Toronto, we’re well into the deep freeze, the coldest weeks of winter, and whatever minimal inclination we have to venture outdoors is reduced even further by the windchill and icy sidewalks.  Strangely, Suji seems relatively unfazed by the cold weather, ever-eager to head out to the park and happily trundling along when she gets there, oblivious to the freezing temperatures and blustery breezes, no doubt steeled by those early years spent living in a barn.  Part – okay, who am I kidding? – or most of her desire to get out has to do with the treats she gets once she starts motoring, but I’m beginning to think a small part of it is her growing fondness for open terrain.  Akemi and I have noticed she has been bumping into items with greater frequency of late.  Her eyesight is clearly diminishing, the result of the cataracts encroaching on her pupils, and while surgery is theoretically an option, it’s not something we want to chance given her age (16 this May!).  Akemi has suggested we get her doggles to protect her eyes, but I wonder if that would just constrict her already limited vision.


On the other hand, I’m sure she’d be the coolest dog in the neighborhood.

Concluding today’s entry with a little Yes/No…


16 thoughts on “February 13, 2021: How are you all doing?

  1. We’re expecting 4-8 inches of snow… in central Texas!!!!
    I’m writing a little story for a friend and working on another Gundam kit. My wife is making a truly epic pot of gumbo. So, we’re fed for a least three days.

  2. I’m game to try pizza Babka, so yay for me!

    Joe, I’m not sure about the goggles limiting Suji’s vision but you might want to check out getting her a doggie Halo. They are made out of a light weight plastic ring (halo) that goes sits over her head and if she should bump into a wall or whatnot the halo would hit the object first and protect her face. I think Suji would thank you for it.

  3. Between the snow, ice and lock-down covering the Netherlands, I’m not getting out much. Just my day job – which I won’t bore you with – and getting groceries. On the bright side, my third novel is finally making progress again. And that’s all folks.

  4. I am doing fine and very happy to help out Drea. My dad died of covid last year and now my brother and his cancer survivor wife have it. He works for American Airlines and has been continually exposed at work since the pandemic began. Surprised he made it this long. I’m not going to worry. He assures me he is not going to “croak”. 🙂

  5. After a seriously long December with about 12 days in the hospital I’m doing better than the person in need. Mine was an infected gallbladder that saw the infection spread to my blood. Doing good now and infection free. 2020 overall was a bad year for health and finances, but I do have some family support.

  6. That’s very unfortunate about Drea – hope she comes through everything okay.

    Same ol’, same ol’ here. I’m doing well enough, though this stage of the most recent restrictions is making me feel pretty socially isolated. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in person that I know since Christmas! That said, I’m staying in touch enough with folks to keep me up on stuff going on. Looking forward to the end of all this though.

    I did go snowshoeing a few days ago and felt much better for it. I really understand Suji’s desire to get out of the house! It’s a nice break and it’s good to do something that feels “normal”.

    I admit to having to look up what babka was, but I’m going to say yes on that! It sounds like if a pizza was made like a cinnamon roll. Then again, I’ve been trying to eat much better since Christmas (mostly successfully) and combined with a daily exercise regimen have lost about 8 lbs so far. I feel so much better. But merely the mention of the word “pizza” right now gets an automatic yes from me.

  7. Rainy and windy here in AZ, my cat and I are doing well and impatiently waiting my turn to get the vaccination and take a step closer to returning to a more normal world and being able to travel 🙂

    On the food front I also bought a 6 quart airfryer to replace my smaller 2 quart model.

  8. This cold is making me reach out more to family and friends to offer support or just listen when they need to vent or are scared, to share memories and dreams for the future. My happy place is eating seafood, limes, oranges, avocados and hearts of palm like I’m dining at my favorite resort in the Dominican Republic instead of surrounded by snow and gray skies. I’m so proud of how resilient people have been through all this, we really are an extraordinary race of bipeds.

  9. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Drea. Hopefully 2021 will bring you more luck.

    We’ve just entered a 5-day lockdown here in Victoria, Australia. An employee at a quarantine hotel got infected and started spreading it around. We now have 13 Covid cases related to this outbreak and 22 active cases total. (We were at zero!) That was enough for the Premier to impose a 5km travel limit on everyone in the state for 5 days. Cue panic buying of toilet paper and meat and other states closing their borders to Victoria. I’m supposed to be going down to Tasmania for Easter. Hopefully the borders are open by then!

    Pizza babka? I mean, sure, why not? But also, why? Pizza is already the perfect delivery platform for bread, cheese, tomato and pepperoni to enter my body, why mess with perfection?

  10. I am (with treatment, finally) coming out of a really rough depression. I was struggling pretty hard with thoughts of killing myself and made a plan because it all seemed too much. Thankfully I have had a therapist during this time and my husband is a solid support so they got me safe while we navigated a foreign healthcare system in the middle of a pandemic. I’m stable and on the road to recovery. I’ve got a list of other things we are bearing – 2020 just really sucked. The good news is that there’s a lot of sun where I’m at in Spain. Small victories and small blessings. I’ll take what I can get.

    Sorry to see what Drea is going through 🙁

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Heartened to hear you’re feeling better and are on the road to recovery. And also great to hear you have a solid support system in the form of your husband.

  11. I am okay, my cat are okay, my kittens are destructive teenagers. I am not quite old enough or at enough risk healthwise for a vax now, but am waiting my turn. I am spending too much online and gaining weight. Instacart is both a boon and a bane.

  12. Sending lots of love, support and healing energy to Drea.

    We are in our third lockdown in Melbourne after there was a small outbreak of the new variant. Hopefully the five day break prevents further community transmission.

    I started a full-time job technology in our library on Feb 1. It’s more of a formal role of what I’ve been doing recently.

    I’ve been continuing my health journey and have lost 12.5kg in 9 months through a lower carb diet and treating my sleep apnea. I’m cooking a little more and learning about diabetes, insulin resistance and reading labels etc.

    I’ve been watching a bit of Netflix. I’m up to date with Ozark and Kim’s Convenience.

    Hope Ivon is doing well and staying Covid free, same for you and Akemi and the blog community.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. I’m so sorry to hear Drea is having such a rough time. I’ll see what I can do to help out. And I’m glad Shannon is feeling better now, sending best wishes and healing energy for continued recovery. (I spent my junior year of college in sunny Spain, beautiful country, but what a trial to be navigating an unfamiliar health system in the middle of a pandemic, yikes.)

    2020 has been a nerve-wracking challenge in many ways, but we feel very grateful that my husband had successful TAVR surgery (aortic valve replacement) in December–so much less invasive than the traditional open heart surgery. He was out of the hospital 24 hours later! But the next morning, sadly, his father took his own life. He’d been dealing with some depression for a long time, but flatly refused to seek professional help. The family is still trying to cope with the aftershocks of this new reality.

    I hope everyone on this blog is staying safe, weather-wise and covid-wise, and looking forward to better times ahead!

  14. All the best to Drea. I hope the vaccine comes quickly for you.
    And to Shannon, I’ve always thought that line from Gone With the Wind, ‘After all tomorrow is another day’, means that there is another day where things will improve. I know if I ever have a hard day, a good night’s sleep improves my view of the world.Good luck.
    On a lighter note: not much happening here in Kingston. We’ve been released from lockdown, for the moment I fear, but with cold temperatures and snow there isn’t much to go out for anyway…Oh, yeah, thanks for all the snow you sent our way, Joe! 🙂

  15. I’m lucky enough to be in one of the few parts of the U.S. that isn’t frigid. The cat and I are fine. He says he doesn’t want any shots but I’m hoping the state gets its act together soon and I can get a couple of them so I can do more things outside the house. Working from home has been almost a year now and that’s just fine but not being able to go do what I want is starting to wear on me. I’m glad delivery is available for those of us who aren’t supposed to be out and about but it ain’t cheap and the grocery prices online are jacked up. TG for my counselor and telemed visits!!

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