Today, we celebrated Setsuban (the day before the beginning of spring!) by eating the various Japanese dishes Akemi prepared for the occasion…

Hoso maki (with tuna and green onions)
Uni, maguro, sake, hiramasa, and ikura on rice.


Royce matcha nama chocolate with matcha affogato.

So, who did you all celebrate?

In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s Dark Matter Episode 204, “We Were Family”, discussion with the gang at Orville Nation, director John Stead, actor Anthony Lemke, and yours truly.

A great time was had by all.

Still awaiting feedback on the pilot and series overview I delivered and, while I really should be putting the downtime to good use by starting work on that other pilot, I find it difficult to focus while on standby.  So, instead, I’m taking the time to educate myself on the stock market – and the various crooked ways hedge funds and power players game the system while those in power turn a blind eye.  Fascinating stuff.

Saw a report today that two individuals are being sought in connection to some attempted dog poisonings in the area. Apparently, peanut shells stuffed with rat poison were discovered in various parks – including one we walk Suji through every morning.

While we’re on the topic, Subway is being sued because claimants maintain their tuna subs contain no actual tuna.  Or fish for that matter.

I mean, of course not.  Didn’t they already establish that their sandwiches were made out of old yoga mats?

And to wash that taste out of your mouths…

So, what do you say?  Yes/No

Perfect for Setsuban!

5 thoughts on “February 2, 2021: Setsuban Deka!

  1. Nice meal for setsubun. Looking forward to risshun tomorrow.
    Hope the authority catch the 2 evil dog murderers soon.

  2. Beautiful food by Chef Akemi.

    You could explain that new thing they are doing in the stock market all day long to me and I still would not get it. Whatever happened to buy low, sell high?

      1. Same way you know when it’s high. 🙂
        That was the beauty of “playing” the stock market.

  3. Are you going to try your hand at stock buying at the next coup?

    People that intentionally hurt animals are deranged. Someone in Memphis (years ago) was giving geese mentos. Evil! Authorities need to realize murders start with animal abuse.

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