So, what do you say? Yes/No?

I’ll take my chocolate beer without mint, thank you very much.

Alrighty.  I have a solid first draft of the Project F pilot.  Going to go over it one more time and come up with some suitable music cues.  I had hoped to get a deck of the available artists in time for delivery, but it looks like, for the time being, will have to go with my “price is no object” wishlist: Big Bang, BTS, ONEWE, Stellar, Boys Republic, IU and, of course, 2NE1.

Also going to start re-reading Promise of Blood (the first book into Powder Mage series) for perhaps the seventh time, taking assiduous notes this time with a mind to first season structure, parallel storylines, and the pilot episode.

Tara asked me if and when we’d hear back about the series we pitched the streamer last week.  Her experiences as an actress point to the possibility that no news will be “NO” news and, while this industry does have a habit of ghosting people over sending them a nice “Thanks but no thanks” email, given the way our zoom call went, I suspect we’ll receive a response whichever way the decision goes.  WHEN will we be receiving that response is the bigger question.

Speaking of pitches – I have two sci-fi shows ready to go.  It’s just a matter of when people feel ready to hear them.  I hear the dust is still settling at certain places, so I’m going to pencil “FEBRUARY” into my calendar.

Here’s something cool.  I puzzled together a few early SG-1 design schematics.  Check ’em out, especially if you have plans to build your own death glider…

Screen-shot-2021-01-18-at-43053-pm Screen-shot-2021-01-18-at-43534-pm Screen-shot-2021-01-18-at-45305-pm Sg1pilot2


6 thoughts on “January 19, 2021: No news will be “NO” news!

  1. I’d buy a single can but not a half sack. It has to be better than chocolate and chilli peppers.

    Glad to hear you’re so busy. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work on my screen.

    The premise for the Powder Mage books seemed a little iffy to me, but I’m happy to take your recommendation and look the first one up the next time I get to a bookstore. My pile of books to read is getting short.

  2. Schematics? AWESOME. My plans for world domination are coming along swimmingly! \o/

    did I use my outside voice?

  3. I’m not a beer drinker but just spitballing….mint should be saved for tea.

  4. Cheers to Tara and I hope you guys can visit some cool new vegan restaurants post Covid. I foresee those ship blueprints ending up on Joe Rogans podcast as real true bonafide evidence of manned UFOs.

    Yesterday I enjoyed lime cilantro shrimp true joy which blissed me out all day, and today it’s heartburn city thanks to this mornings smoked salmon on asiago bagel with gouda slices and loch spread. I think there was one too many rich bits on that cheese bagel. My poor liver is screaming for mercy.

  5. Great News. Congrats.
    Hoping that ole Lemure eyes will be back on this blog very soon.

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