I’ll be joining the gang at Orville Nation later this afternoon for our weekly Dark Matter discussions.  Today, we’ll be discussing episode 202, “Kill Them All”, with special guest Mike Dopud!

Well, shortly after my blog post about King Cakes, I visited my local bakery, Nord Lyon, to see if they were offering the French version, Galette des Rois.  Lo and behold!


As it turned out – very much yes.  Not only did they have the classic frangipane, but praline and chocolate versions as well.  I was…undecided.  I ultimately elected to go both the frangipane and praline with the full intention of returning in a couple of weeks for the chocolate variety.


Delightfully crispy and downright delicieux, I was unable to pick a favorite.  Very curious to see how the chocolate stacks up.


From sweet to savory.  How about a little Yes/No…

Completed that rough first draft of the Project F pilot this weekend and then, this morning – at last! – the final scene of Act 1 clicked into place.  Going to take the next couple of days to polish the script and then send it off for notes.  Meanwhile, the press release announcing my involvement in the adaptation of that explosive fantasy series lands Thursday.  Probably.  And Friday, my partner Tara and I will be pitching the streamer our vision of the small small town supernatural mystery show.

To close, I leave you with this, one of my favorite fight sequences on Dark Matter….

7 thoughts on “January 11, 2021: Dark Matter! Mike Dopud! Galette des Rois!

  1. The blooming onion was hugely popular here in the 90s & 2000s at a chain steakhouse.

    1. Kat, incredibly sorry to hear about Bacon’s passing. Condolences to you and your family.

  2. I love onion rings and bloomin onions. It’s fairly popular in restaurants across many states here. Unfortunately can’t consume too much anymore because of the grief it causes my liver and colon.
    Back in the good ole days when I still cooked and threw holiday parties I’d always make stuffed onions to include at the buffet table. Some I’d batter and deep fry then stuff with variety of ingredients such as butter soaked mushrooms or marinated roasted red bell pepper slivers mixed into a seasoned bread stuffing. Or I’d fill larger roasted onions with marinated beef steak chunks and melted cheeses. I’ve even experimented with sweet green pea + cheese pate stuffed onions. No matter the variety,
    seems I could never make enough. They were always the first bites on the buffet table to be gobbled up.

    Come to think of it, Other favs for parties over the years, I’ve not had in a really long while, include stuffed artichokes and sometimes stuffed potato balls, which is basically just heavily buttered stiff mashed potato spiced with garlic & pepper, with a mix of crispy salty bacon bits & cheeses blended in, rolled into a ball then battered or bread crumb coated and deep fried. Simple – but ooooh so addictively good!

    The king cake looks delicious and worth a try. I’d never even heard of it prior to your Blue Bell mention.

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