This year, we celebrated a Japanese-style New Year.


New Year’s Eve, it was tosh-koshi soba.

And, as is the custom here, we were in bed by 10:00 p.m. and missed the countdown.


Then, on New Year’s Day, it was osechi (snapper, ozoni, marron rice, fish cakes, and mochi).


Then, for dessert, we picked up for different cream buns from Hattendo: marron (chestnut), umeboshi (salted plum), matcha (green tea), ichigo (strawberry).  Surprisingly, the umeboshi was my favorite for its sweet, salt, and slightly sour combination.

Speaking of sweet and salty, what say you to this?  Yes/No?

The lurid green beckons me.

Ah, this takes me back to the good old Stargate days…

Finally, I leave you with this…

6 thoughts on “January 2, 2021: Ringing in the New Year Japan-style!

  1. That looks like one tasty New Years. Sure meat my four chicken fingers and mashed potatoes.

    I would at least try the Mountain Dew pie. It looks like space food from Dark Matter!

    Ashleigh! You guys tormented that poor girl so. She’s be well entitled to cook up some nefarious plot against you!

  2. It all looks good except that fish, I just can’t eat a fish on a plate. Please filet it for me so I don’t have to look at it in the eyes.

    Poor Ashleigh. Do you know what she is doing nowadays?

    I’d try that pie but why do they have to put Doritos on everything??

    Joe, every time someone calls you “Baron” on Twitter, I snicker a little. Too funny.

  3. You know Anthony Lemke might be able to put all those chocolate in his mouth for $20

  4. I would starve to death in Japan. 😛 How ever does a seafood-disliker survive there? I will eat things with fins, but no shrimp or shellfish or things with pinchy hands. But if I’ma eat a fishy, it better not be looking at me!


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