Well, well, well.  Isn’t this exciting?  My Snow Monkeys wrapped up a first place finish (and first round bye) in  League of Our Own fantasy football action.  That means that, this week, we can sit back and watch our rivals go at it in quarterfinal action as we look ahead to week 15.

I haven’t been this excited since, well, the last time my Snow Monkeys made the playoffs.

Reading recommendation:

All five issues are out and the complete trade paperback will be released early next year.

Zoom chat tomorrow about the pilot outline for Project F.  I’m assuming I’ll be getting the go-ahead to go to script.  Meanwhile, the deal has officially closed with the author of that marvelous fantasy book series I’ll be developing for television.  We just exchanged introductory emails and will look to set up a chat for some time next week.  “So what’s the book series?”you may ask.  Well, I’ll defer to the official announcement, whenever they choose to make it – however, I will tell you that it’s a big I have read and recommended on this blog in the last five years.  So start your search engines!

From the Dark Matter vault: the amazing Misaki Han (played by the equally amazing Ellen Wong)…

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4 thoughts on “December 10, 2020: Snow Monkeys! Projects! Misaki Han!

  1. Yay Snow Monkeys!
    On the work front … Look like it’s not as bad of a year?
    Keep it up and keep the good news coming!

  2. I did a speed run on the Project F Guessing Challenge. I heavily weighed some criteria to account for a project not getting cancelled in light of the unique uncertainties during the Covid era. I ended up with some guesses that were way off from some of your hints on Project F, so I’ll take another run when I have more time.

  3. I’ll guess The Emperor’s Blades. There was something about a Power Mage or something, but I couldn’t find it again.

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