So, how is everyone doing?  Things grow increasingly crazy out there and I’d like to know how our extended blog family is doing.  Sound off in the comments section.

A little Yes/No…

I leave you today with some behind the scene photos of my buddy, Peter DeLuise, calling the shots on Dark Matter Episode 209…

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18 thoughts on “November 28, 2020: Checking in!

  1. It’s been a hard week, I had to come out on a national Australian newspaper in order to speak against a bill that was the opposite in effect of it’s label. It would put youth at risk, those who could be going through trauma, abuse, stress and the normal effects of puberty would not have their concerns addressed by psychologists, parents, medical staff etc. IF the cure on offer wasn’t an affirmation that they should undergo medical or surgical procedures to change their sex as a cure. And those professionals would be fined $10K and jailed.
    What would you do?

    So if you come out, sure, yeah… do it at a national level…. right?? streuth

    My work has been derailed a bit as I work on another critical analysis piece that senators want to use.
    So thanks for asking – it’s been one of those weeks.

  2. Hmm….Gravy boat burger……nope. I’m more of a ketchup man myself. Meanwhile at my day job, the Christmas crazy has begun hitting home. (I work at a mail company, not PostNL. There, I do stuff at base, so that the letter carriers don’t have to spend time on that. Sorting, paperwork, etc.) And my redo of Space: 1999 is coming along well. One more act and Episode 1 (Breakaway) will done. Soon, Moonbase Alpha. will be on her way into deep space….

  3. Yes for sure on the gravy on chicken burger!

    Doing okay here in NB even though are numbers are still up they’re levelling off. There were four new cases today for a total of 111 active cases. I know that’s nowhere near ON, but it’s a wake up call after a Summer and Fall with basically none. That said, people seem to be at least following the public space mask mandates and there’s no crazy protests like up there.

    All that said, it looks like most of the stuff I usually do for Christmas like gathering with friends and traveling to PEI and NS to visit friends and family are a no go this year, unless a lot changes in the next couple of weeks. The current rule is immediate household bubble only – no visitors. So, it could be a fairly lonely Christmas, but I’m just taking it one day at a time. There are a lot of folks a lot worse off than me.

  4. No on the gravy sandwich, just too messy. I can taste the salt from here too.

    I have been sick for two weeks, and because I cannot drive, I cannot get tested easily. A friend tried to help me today, but no luck. How absurd is it that you cannot go into a medical clinic if you have symptoms. Wait in the car? What about those who do not have a car? Geez. Home testing is not a thing in our state. No fever, oxygen levels okay, so I’m just hanging in there until I get better or until I have to go to the ER. I even have good insurance. Thanks, America.

    1. @MaggieMayDay Same here. Haven’t been well all week. No way of knowing if my symptoms are due to Covid or my other current health conditions. Found out Thursday one of the people that enter my residence on a regular basis to help with personal care for my elderly housemate has tested positive.
      I was denied when trying to schedule an immediate test. They told me I would need to come in a car and take the test at the outdoor drive thru clinic while remaining in the vehicle I came in.
      I don’t drive. So now I’m having to wait till Monday (weather permitting) till Don can take me in his car. It makes no damn sense! Don, who does not reside in the same household, is having to risk his own health to be in the same vehicle with me, just so I can get tested. How’s that going to bring virus cases down to zero??!! Seems to me if major U.S cities really wanted to get the virus under control they’d be strictly and fully enforcing EVERYONE mask up and ensuring everyone can get to a testing site on their own without jeopardizing anyone elses health (especially if its been confirmed they’ve been exposed to someone infected) And every virus hot zone zip code would have rapid testing available and free isolation hotel rooms set up for Covid 19 patients who live in multi person households but aren’t sick enough to be admitted into the hospital. I can only hope for everyone’s sake the next U.S administration being installed at the end of January will do better at handling this pandemic than the current overseers.

      1. I hope you can get your test soon but research which one you get. Some of the rapid tests are not as accurate. I know of one hospital locally that refuses to use them. Hawaii will only accept the PCR test.
        Also, the FDA just approved an at home testing kit. That might worth looking into. You would have to research their accuracy, of course. Good luck and sending prayers.

  5. Sigh, first world problems I guess. Still haven’t been able to find the right color red or blue for my next model. But we have our tree up and my company is finally hiring me an assistant. So, that’s good.

    Gravy burger… not “no”, but “h3ll no”

  6. If I take the time to go to KFC, I ain’t gonna git one of those gravy boat sandwiches. I’m getting a big bucket of chicken!! Original recipe!!

    My neighbor put up her Christmas lights and blowups today. They have a gigantic Santa and Snowman that if either fell on me I would suffocate in 2 minutes. They seem to get bigger every year. Don’t know if I will put too much out this year. They are clearing land to my south. The dust is terrible! After 31 years in my little house on the prairie, civilization has finally caught up with me. They are building 1200 houses and extending the road out toward the west several more miles.

  7. Definitely count me in for the gravy box burger. Sounds yummy.

    Things here get crazier by the minute. People still refuse to wear masks and social distance. No wonder we’re in a hot spot. 🤦‍♀️

    I feel like I’m surrounded by stupid and selfish people. Doing my best to avoid the crazies. Good luck to the rest of you.

  8. Thanks for asking, very kind. I am well. Trying to get through the cold weather days. And some work although it has slowed down. Hope you, Akemi, and Suji are doing well. Stay safe and healthy!! Keep tweeting, I always enjoy and try to share. Best, Hadel

  9. This has been a very tough week. We wisely stayed home for American Thanksgiving, which is the first time ever we’ve missed spending a holiday with my parents. I really miss them. I’ve now stopped going out to pick up my meds, which means I’m not leaving the house for anything except to go to work. Of which I’m working at best 10 hrs/wk instead of my usual 25-30 hrs. Plus I don’t know how much longer even that’s going to last. I’m a very tactile person who’s acutely missing giving & receiving hugs, with a husband & son who are very much non-tactile.

    Feeling really down & worn thin at the moment, but I’ll get through it. Been cuddling with our grumpy old man cat tonight, which helps.

    Being medically “fragile” sucks.

  10. Not doing so good for the past weeks/months.
    A massive water leaks from our place is ruining the downstairs neighbor’s apartment. She now has to live windows open in winter, to evacuate the moist odor and dry the damped walls. Terrible situation.

    Also, an arsonist decided to burn cars in our neighbourhood for whatever reasons, we count 6 so far this year. Nice anxiety fuel.

    Been in lockdown again for a month, not being able to get out more than 1 hour per day, I can’t stand it anymore. The only one who can are those bringing their kids to school and/or going to work. Being at home freelance with no kids, I feel like I’m “unfairly grounded” and it’s not really a nice feeling. Seems like we’ll be released dec 15th.

    On the good side, as we can’t travel, we spend our money buying very good food and tremendous pastries very regularly. You would love that I’m sure.^^
    2020 has been very good work-wise for me, but I’m quite frustrated not being able to show anything and having nothing released on screens yet. But that’s the way it is.

    2020 finally caught me, I thought I could go through it without being affected to much, turns out it’s a longer and tougher year than planned for million accumulating reasons. Too bad, I was so close! 😀
    Thank goodness for Joe’s posts and good food. ^^

  11. I left my day job on June 3rd 2019 thinking I can finally build my recording studio and have a band. So I set about building my studio and working out (because my job was sedentary, emotionally toxic and a corrupt bullying workplace) with the aim of a band in 2020 and then in MARCH something happened SIGH

  12. We’re hanging in there. Keeping our head down until the vaccine is available and such.

    I’ve been cooking a lot of holiday foods, so our fridge is full.

    Also, I snagged a few cyber deals for Christmas.

    Trying to stay positive here. Big virtual {{{hugs}}} to all the posters here that are obviously feeling the stress.

    Please send more positive vibes to little Charlie. Chemo has been kicking his butt. It would be rough on an adult but a kid.. He felt fine before, so it’s hard for him to understand the necessity. In ten years time, chemo might be obsolete (I hope). HIs mom says he has seventeen more treatments and he’s lost eight pounds already. 🙁

  13. Oh and we saw “The Joker” last night. It was strange but I liked it. Has anyone else watched it?

  14. Oh no. They say the monolith that was just discovered deep in a Utah desert has now vanished. What does this mean???

  15. I thought I could tough this year out seeing as I’ve lived on my own for several decades, am self employed and work as a gardener mostly on my own. However I’ve found it hard to stay on an even keel. My emotions are all over the place and my concentration constantly takes a leave of absence.

    At one place of work 26 of my office & catering associates were unexpectedly made redundant, leaving just myself in the gardens, one on reception plus the buildings maintanance guy, as the company decided to mothball the premises.The lease doesn’t run out for another three years. Because of the Covid rules we each stick to our own areas except for our afternoon teabreak – there we sit in the vast reception room approx 10′ away from each other sipping a cuppa and sharing conversation.

    We feel there really has been a zombie apocalypse out there. The property is in the Buckinghamshire countryside and quite isolated so now if a car drives passed, it’s like we each look up from what we’re doing, like deer in a field, to see who/why they are driving through.

    My other workplace couldn’t be more different – a London school, where I have to go in on public transport (some idiots still refuse to wear masks!) and work around kids who think because it doesn’t affect them they can carry on as normal. I’m constantly aware I could carry Covid to my Mum (who has OCPD) or to my other workplace.

    I thank heavens I was once a Veterinary Nurse so remember the principles of barrier nursing – I just hope that is enough!

    I also am grateful that so far (touch wood and whistle) everyone I’ve known who’ve had Covid have recovered from it.
    I wish the same for all you guys too! 🤞

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