7 thoughts on “November 26, 2020: Match the Japanese mascots!

  1. Huh. Other than I think F is the Poop Museum one (for obvious reasons) I have absolutely no idea of the rest.

    Looks like as of today our “Atlantic bubble” has finally popped and we can no longer travel without restriction anywhere in Atlantic Canada. Our cases have jumped up enough that “orange” level restrictions are in most populated areas with it apparently teetering on “red”. Well, it was good while it lasted, but it looks like Christmas will pretty much be non-starter. I’m still decorating though, even if my heart isn’t quite in it. Can 2020 just end already?

  2. Okay, I got this….

    E (is that a plane hat?)
    B (upside down bowl)
    D (easy!)
    I (CS on head – duh)
    A (has shorts on)
    G (a museum for poop? Why?)
    H (named after a volcano)

    Some I had to back in to. I’d like to go to Japan and just design mascots all day. I think I could make a good living at it.

  3. Just guessing…
    1. E
    2. B
    3. D
    4. I
    5. A
    6. J
    7. C
    8. G
    9. H
    10. F

    These are all pretty cute, but some mascots are creepy or even scary. Overall, it’s an entertaining tradition. We could use light hearted brand and city ambassadors here.

  4. What happened to my numbers?? I had my answers going down numbered from 1 to 10. Geeze

  5. 1 is E?
    5 is A.
    3 is D.
    4 is definitely I!
    10 is F. (I bet lots of people have already seen the colorful bear representing Saran Wrap in Japan).
    2 is B?
    8 is G?

    No clue on the others.

    Well, unfortunately it looks like my luck has run out. I was informed earlier today
    one of the people that enter my current residence to assist my 82 year old housemate with personal care needs on a daily basis, has tested positive for Covid 19. Our home is now in full quarantine.
    I will be getting tested in a couple days and monitoring for symptoms in the meantime.
    I’ve been doing my best to remain calm and carry on but in this instance must confess I’m scared. John and I are both at high risk of critical illness if we’ve contracted this. Thus, I truly appreciate your fun little match up game distraction this evening to take my mind off thinking about it.

    1. Drea,
      My Aunt was telling me her daughter (my cousin) and her daughter’s son contracted covid after letting some friends come over for a visit. My cousin is very very very high risk and about 65 years old. Both of them ended up in the hospital. Her for 2 weeks and her son for 1 week. But they both did ok with treatment and hospitalization.

  6. I don’t have enough brain power to match up the mascots this morning but they did give me a smile. I love F. Whoever thought up these cute costumes should be applauded. Thanks for introducing me to another aspect of the world!

    Gforce: How are the vaccines looking in Canada? I’m praying that will be a game changer. I wondering if we’ll all have to carry our immunization records with us everywhere after it becomes commonplace. Anyway, what’s the saying about interesting times?

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