Success!  I have almost completed my outline for Project F.  And, as is the custom after completing a first draft, I hate it.  Once done, I’ll let it sit for a few days, re-read and rewrite, and eventually grow to merely dislike it.  Then, with further reviews and tweaks, I’ll progress from ambivalence to grudging respect to, finally, “Hey, this isn’t so bad!”

Just in time for the holidays!  Yes/No?

Better than regular candy canes anyway.

So, did you join us for yesterday’s Dark Matter chat in which we discussed Episode 8, transfer transit, and THREE’s eating habits?  No?  Well Orville Nation has you covered…


I am also pleased to report that, on the heels of a close shave (0.32 points!) victory over the Super Spreaders, my Snow Monkeys have locked up a playoff spot in our League of Our Own fantasy football league.  We are tied for first place with Alvin Mack who, coincidentally, we will be playing next week.   HUGE game.  Then, we complete  our regular season with a final week match-up against Ivon Bartok’s team, The Running Dead.

Could this be the year of the Snow Monkey?

9 thoughts on “November 24, 2020: Things are coming together like the protons and electrons at the heart of a neutron star!

  1. Exactly how I approach every writing project. Lol.

    And those candy canes… oh, yeah!!!

  2. Joe, I’ve been distracted lately with life. I need to start reading your blog daily again. It has been a steady upbeat light in my life for many years. When I can write without using too many curse words, I’ll tell you how my father died of the corona virus. (Yes, lost both parents within 7 months.) But right now I’m in the sarcastic, pissed stage.

  3. I am so sorry about your parents. 🙁

    Medically worse 3 years of my life, lost brother and sister since arriving in Israel, time does not seem to move normally. I also miss this blog and hope to be back regularly.

  4. Thank you Joe, Tam, Airelle, and Debra for your kind words. My mom was almost 95 and my dad was 95. They were married a few days short of 69 years. I am comforted knowing they are together again.

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