Hey, Dark Matter fans, join us later today (5:30 ET, 2:30 PST) for a discussion of Dark Matter Episode 8 with the gang at Orville Nation.  Today, we’ll be joined by special guest and author extraordinaire Alan Dean Foster.

And in the event you missed it Stargate fans, here is my chat with Dial The Gate’s David Read in which we spent the greater part of 2 hours going through SG-1’s fourth season…

Progress continues on the Project F front!  After making some tweaks to the first three acts, I pressed ahead and completed Act 4 yesterday.  Today, I’m going to think through the big battle sequence.  I have most of it but am missing the clever twist that turns the table.  Hopefully it comes to me sooner than later.

As I hammer it out, I leave you with Momoland’s JooE…


One thought on “November 23, 2020: Heads up!

  1. David Read is my hero. Love his room.
    Joe, you are one of my heroes too.
    But yes, David Read is my HERO.

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