Came across this fabulous video of me saNompling vegan desserts…

There are a couple of times where I actually shudder.

Honestly, there’s not excuse for shitty desserts – even if you are vegan.

Bit day tomorrow, #Stargate fans.  Tomorrow, at 3 pm. ET (Noon PT), the Brad Knight Rises!  Stargate/Travelers co-creator, showrunner, executive producer, and writer Brad Wright will be doing an AMA.

I already have my questions ready!

Once that’s done, head on over to the Dial the Gate youtube channel where they will be uploading a never-before-seen interview with the late Carmen Argenziano.

And later, you’ll see my pre-recorded conversation with David Read in which we chat about my first year experience on SG-1’s memorable 4th season.

Alrighty.  Complete a tease and three acts of my pilot outline for Project F.  I know all of the moves for acts four and five (and the requisite tag) but really need to hammer out the details.

3 thoughts on “November 20, 2020: Saturday reminders!

  1. That vid of you trying icky tasting deserts is too funny. 😀

    Sorry to hear about the upcoming TO lock down. Well, I guess that answers whether you should stay home or travel to Moms for Christmas. 🙁
    As strict as the lock down measures are this time around… To be honest, I wish our state and local government cared enough about it’s people to impose them. In my county, even though the local mayor ordered a mask mandate the Fl governor took away its ability to enforce it. As a result, far too many people have been entering businesses and other peoples homes without masks or obeying 6 feet+ social distancing. There is only one supermarket, Winn Dixie, located 4 miles away from my current residence, that has been ensuring everyone mask up. Albeit, it is the only grocery store I feel even so much as minimally safe to shop so i’ve been going out of my way for the last few months. And during the 1st so called lock down here in April so many businesses and professions were declared exempt by the state governor that pretty much nothing was shut down in my virus hotzone zip code except a couple of beauty salons, dress shops and a local gym. Even the mattress stores, secondary goods shop, pet stores, car wash, phone stores, lawn and patio, every dollar store, hardware stores, computer sales, Auto parts, and vehicle sales dealer ship remained open.

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