Well, got back the results of my annual physical today.  Everything looks good (Even, surprisingly, my blood sugar!), but my cholesterol is  little high.  Comparing my ratio of Total Cholesterol to HDL over the past three years…


Clearly, I was doing something right last year.  But what was it?  I mean, I’m actually working out on the daily this year, something I wasn’t doing last year.  I also make it a point to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, fish, olive oil, garlic and fish oil supplements almost every day.  And yet, my cholesterol has actually risen.  I can’t help but think if I hadn’t been working out and eating better this year, my head would have probably exploded mid-summer.

Earth’s rotation visualized…

Look at this.  Aint it gorgeous?


I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Atlantis color palette in that first season, but a subtle repaint (Did you notice?) I thought mitigated the more exaggerated aspects of the color scheme while maintaining the aquatic theme.  Under the right lighting, and with the gate not on spin cycle, it looks pretty damn sweet.

Nup_132616_0932 Nup_132616_0931 Bob-and-jason-2 Speaking of Atlantis, I came across these photos from the great Robert Picardo’s final day on set.  Bittersweet.


7 thoughts on “November 19, 2020: Cholesterol, Earth’s Rotation, and Stargate: Atlantis!

  1. Well, that’s good news on the physical. Were you doing or not doing anything LAST year that would make the difference?

    The Atlantis gate was always my favourite. I loved its cleaner looking take on the idea. However, I did not notice the refresh look after the first season!

    Cool pics of Robert’s last day! I still really wish that had gotten its next season, or at least the planned movie.

  2. Regarding your cholesterol, some people sit in the chair and it launches a drone. Some people sit in the chair and nothing happens.

  3. I have high cholesterol, Vitamin D kinda eats up cholesterol in our bloodstream, what the Wraith call our juice box container. Cholesterol levels usually decrease in summer but 2020 be craycray. I take a little vitamin d myself, seems to help. You can google it up.

  4. That’s too bad about your cholesterol. A few years ago, I knew this vegan farmer that had a crazy high cholesterol (over 500). Cholesterol problems have a genetic component, too.

  5. merci pour les photos que de bons souvenirs! À quand une série signée Joe Mallozzi!

  6. Just catching up on your blog. I find those photos really sad. I still miss SGA a lot.

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