Someone is NOT feeling well today.

Suji slept through the night and displayed her usual voracious breakfast appetite, so we assumed she was back to her old self.  After her morning walk, she settled down for her customary nap.  I was working on my outline when she suddenly sat up on her dog bed and barked.  This is usually a signal for a treat, so I gave her a couple of kibbles (trying to keep her diet as plain as possible), sat down, and resumed my writing.  She seemed to settle down.  For about ten minutes.  Then, the next thing I knew, she was, uh, letting loose.  Fortunately, her aim was true and she avoided both her doggy bed and the carpet in favor of the small dog mat beside my office chair.  It’s curious because she’s incontinent and, normally, doesn’t realize when she has to go – but she seems to know in these instances.

So, we cleaned her up, called the vet, and brought her over.  Because we didn’t have an appointment, we had to drop her off so that she could be ready whenever one of the vets had some downtime in their schedule.  Finally, we got the call some two hours later.  The test results wouldn’t be back for a couple of days but, for now, it was hard to tell what was going on.  Suji was prescribed an antibiotic and a probiotic, and was advised to include a spoonful of canned pumpkin with her meals for extra fiber.

On the way home, we met a couple from our building who also had an elderly dog – who was also experiencing gastro problems.  This is the fourth dog in our neighborhood to come down with suspiciously similar symptoms.  Again, I find it hard to believe she could have picked up something the park because we’re extra careful – but now my thoughts turn to the tap water.  Could it be?  Just in case, we’re switching her to spring water (fancy!)…and layering the bed with pee pads!

This might be a long night.

18 thoughts on “November 14, 2020: This might be a long night!

  1. Aww, poor Suji – give her a scratch and a hug for me. It is weird that a number of dogs seem to have come down with similar symptoms. Are they all from your building? It’s hard to imagine the water supply in general would be an issue as one would think the reports would be far more widespread, unless it’s a building specific issue. Please keep us posted on what the vet says!

  2. I hope Sugi feels better soon. Not knowing what is wrong is a helpless feeling. Sending good thoughts and hopeful wishes your way.

  3. Oh no. Hope Suji and her fellow paw pals get better soon.
    And hopefully all the human are not affected.

  4. I hope all is well and she has a speedy recovery, it does seem suspicious that she is not the only dog with this issue 🙏

  5. Our elderly cat & dog both drink filtered water now, like us, because our city’s infrastructure is ooooooold & frankly, we don’t trust it. They’ve been having a lot less bowel issues since we switched them out from tap water.

  6. I’m sending healing vibes to Suji and the other affected dogs. It’s strange, and obviously they have something in common. Perhaps something transmitted through air. If they have come in contact with each other in some manner. I’ll be eager to hear what your vet thinks. Be sure to let the vet know that they’re are others with similar symptoms.

  7. Sorry to hear. Get better soon, Suji. Sending lots of love from Melbourne.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Our elderly puggle looks like she’ll be leaving soon. With the cancer we didn’t think she’d make it to last Christmas – but she cheerfully puggle-ed on. But a couple of days ago she didn’t finish her meal. That’s unheard of. And she slows down and freezes in whatever position she finds herself. She’s sad. She’s tired. We ‘walk’ her now in a push chair. We’re going to have say good bye soon.

    I’ve been busy, so I haven’t had time to keep track with your blog for a while Mr. Mallozzi, but I hope Suji will be fine.

    1. Hey Kat,

      Sorry to hear your sweet muggle isn’t well. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  9. Sorry to hear that Suji isn’t her usual self. Covid also causes gastro issues. It makes me wonder if it has crossed over to dogs, too. I hope she feels better quickly and that all of you can get some sleep.

  10. Keeping Suji in my thoughts and prayers for a quick easy recovery and sending extra sweet treat thoughts and love her way. xo

    In my neck of the woods tap water quality is so bad you’d be hard pressed to locate anyone,
    regardless of financial circumstance, who doesn’t give their fur kids bottled spring water.

  11. I’m sorry to hear about Suji not feeling well. Hopefully, the meds will ease her symptoms. I’m a big believer in pharmaceuticals and there’s some good stuff out these days.

  12. Hugs to Suji, I hope the tests will provide answers. My city has water advisories after heavy rains about contaminated run off getting into the drinking water, we have lots of boil water advisories, the water board needed to replace one old rusty piece of equipment and just never did for decades. They can spend millions building stadiums though.

    For the scribblers on the blog there’s a cool virtual screenwriting fest next week Nov 19 and 20 with panels on getting an agent, pitching and showrunner talks.

  13. Not a vet but it sounds like a gastrointestinal virus. Hopefully after a couple of days she will be fine and back to her usual self. Best regards, Bob

  14. Poor girl. That is something to wonder (about the water). We only give Boomer filtered water. Our tap water tastes horrible.

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