Someone was NOT feeling well last night and got up to go to the bathroom and 11:30 p.m., 2:20 a.m., and again and 4:30 a.m.  And because she can’t get off the bed and magically suspend herself over the toilet, I ended up getting up to assist…while Akemi slept through the night, oblivious.  Despite the restless night, and a surprising sleep-in, Suji seemed back to her old self, scarfing down breakfast before embarking on her treat-filled morning walk.

Not sure what had upset her stomach so much because she hadn’t eaten anything differently.  Akemi reminded me that two older dogs in the neighborhood had fallen ill of late and at first I thought it might be park-related, but we’re very careful to make sure Suji never eats anything off the ground and, at the end of each walk, I always make sure to wipe her paws down with baby wipes.  So, maybe it’s not related.  I don’t know.

Despite getting little sleep last night, I was somewhat productive today, completing the first act of the Project F pilot outline.  I’m not 100% happy with it but will forge ahead and makes tweaks as I go, hopefully getting it to 85% happy with it.

Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club

Hey, I’ve been noticing a prevalence of new cheeseburger joints opening up around the city.  Not that I’m complaining.  I just find it interesting.  This as long-established restaurants shut their doors for good – or, in some cases, seem headed that way (including three of my local favorites – Buca, Bar Buca, and Jacob’s Steakhouse).  What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

Finally, came across this on reddit (courtesy of reddit user u/techno_babble_

November 13, 2020:

10 thoughts on “November 13, 2020: Suji feeling under the weather!

  1. Glad Suji only briefly unwell but recovered spontaneously and very quickly.
    That burger and that Stargate SG1 charts are insane! WOW!

  2. Oh no, poor Suji! I hope she really is feeling better.

    I’m sure the Project F (hopefully, not as in “we are all…”) is going to turn out fine.

    That’s sad to hear about those restaurants, Buca was great. The ON government really needs to get its act together about specific rules, instead of just standing back and clucking their tongues about how people just won’t behave.

  3. Poor Suji, I hope it was a passing fluke.

    I haven’t been out to eat since… uh, September? Lots of places in our small city have shut down. The local pizza place is doing very well though, and their delivery fee is only $1.

    I got two kittens from Idaho, Gemma and Stella (Gem State and Star garnet are Idaho things). Little darlings, tiny jerks. My older cats are almost okay with them.

  4. I hope Suji is better now. I sympathize with getting up with the dogs at night. Our senior border collie girl, Abby, has occasional UTI’s that always start around bedtime.(She’s on a daily cranberry supplement but sometimes rogue bacteria break through.) She has to go outside to pee EVERY 15 minutes, all night long, as I blearily count the hours until the vet opens.

    My husband always sleeps through it–honestly, I think a bomb could go off overhead and he wouldn’t wake up. Recently, a nearby house caught fire at midnight and for over an hour, fire and rescue trucks went screaming past our house, waking up the entire neighborhood–except my husband, who slept through it all. (The home was destroyed, but everyone including pets escaped–faulty wiring in upstairs bathroom exhaust fan.) Best wishes to Suji!

  5. u/techno_babble_ had a lot of time and has substantial talent. 😀

    Husband and I are doing what we can to patronize our local favorites. I’ve mentioned before that we aren’t cooks. 😉

  6. Following up: Here’s local coverage of restaurants closed “due to pandemic”. Both new locations and decades-old eateries have been affected.

  7. My son is doing his part in keeping the local restaurants going. He eats out daily on most days. Hubby and I go out occasionally, but we’ve been eating in mostly. We’ve taken this opportunity to clean our diet. I’m a decent cook, at least for our needs.

    I’ve heard of a few places that have closed but the majority has converted to take out, limiting their staff. It’s a rare treat eating inside. Restaurateurs have taken precautions seriously here. They have spaced out seating, with mask mandates and outdoor dining (weather depending). We aren’t high risk and have already recovered once from corona. I’ll be glad when the vaccine is available, so we can get the world turning again.

    I’m sorry about Suji feeling under the weather. I hope it’s just a fluke. If both of you hadn’t adopted her, I don’t think she would still be living. You’ve both turned her health around, at least, 170 degrees.

  8. Glad to hear Suji shook off the tummy ache, you may need a Suji-cam on her collar to replay her daily menu of floor finds, stray flowers and loose fries she may be nibbling at.

    Reading the SG1 cold open graphs in detail was ridiculously fun, it made me long to go to a convention (be better, 2021) and also wonder what the Vorash did to be spurned so in the cold opens.

    After great episodes of ST Discovery and the Mandalorian I’m beyond ready for The Crown, I’ve got books I’m waiting to read that won’t come out till end of November, seems like movies and TV and books are all debuting good stuff around the holidays but it’s sooo hard to wait. But good practice as we wait for more Stargate!

  9. Sorry to hear Suji had a jippy tummy but happy to hear she’s OK now. Well done you for being there for her through out the night

    I love the detail in those Stargate SGI graphs. U/techno_babble has carried out an amazing amount of research. A real Stargate fan!

  10. Hope Suji is feeling better!

    There’s been Thai, pizza, delicatessen, burger, kebab and two pasta places open in my immediate neighbourhood in the last six months. Some were in development before the pandemic but most have popped up out of nowhere! Nothing has closed as far as I know. But most places offer takeaway over eating in so they’ve been fine.

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