Let’s hear ’em!

The epic Vinland Saga was our favorite anime of 2019 –

This year, our favorite by far was the truly bonkers Dorohedoro:

An older anime we just discovered this year that we absolutely loved was the surprisingly great Akame ga Kill!

Right now, I’m presently making my way through Attack on Titan (too gory for Akemi).

On deck is the deceptively cutesy, supposedly shocking, much hyped horror series The Promised Neverland:

What are some recent series I should add to my view list?

7 thoughts on “November 7, 2020: Anime Recommendations!

  1. Did you notice they recently tacked one more episode onto the Dorohedoro series?

  2. A while back you asked for ‘next binge’ recommendations. Curious if you ever tried one…

  3. My son watches anime and I’ll pass on your list.

    I had a migraine yesterday and I apologize for any cringe worthy spelling. I’m much better today.

    Big plans for Sunday?

  4. Speaking of the Vinland Saga, I really enjoyed ‘Ring of the Nibelungs’ from 2004, a totally underrated miniseries and I still remember the last scene from it after all these years. It seems to be available on Youtube, but I’d encourage a more legal means of getting it if possible.

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