I once had a girlfriend who would rage-quit any game she was about to lose, occasionally bursting into furious tears while doing so.

Not sure why I thought of her today after all these years.

Anyway, on to better relationships…


Look at this.  Eating dinner straight out of the pot.  Shameful.  She’s two steps away from eating over the sink!


Yo, Yeti!


Casual Chun-Li.  FIGHT!


My girls.


Home cheffing!

Img_0052 Img_0054 Img_0061

Dumpling Day.


Assassin’s Creed Pandemic: Altair’s Staycation Part II


Nibbling action!

9 thoughts on “November 4, 2020: Akemi Wednesday!

  1. Have you stopped getting comics weekly? You haven’t done a best covers post in a while.

  2. Akemi! So nice to see her, it’s been a while since she’s been on the blog! I do think we need some Akemisms after the last couple of days! Please say hi for me!

    In other news, the wasp sting that I got on my eyebrow last week is finally down to the “intermittently extremely itchy” stage, but still an improvement. Little bugger!

    Have to head to the dentist on Friday morning to get my first crown ever, um… installed? I’m not sure what you call that process. Despite assurances from everyone I know that has had one, it’s NBD, but I’m fully expecting excruciating pain. That way, anything less is a bonus, right?

    1. My crown was too bad. I think it depends on which tooth is being worked on. The back teeth aren’t easy to access. Good luck!
      Sorry about the wasp sting. Wasps are terrible here.

  3. What’s wrong with eating over the sink? I guess I better take my dinner to the bedroom now that I’ve been shamed.

  4. As a person who is currently in a relationship with a rage-quitter and otherwise petulant child while not “winning”, I can attest to the fact that it really wears the partner down. It’s become waaaay too common of a thing.

    Your post is kind of a cosmic wake-up-call for me. So, thank you.

  5. What’s wrong eating out of the pot? Saves on dishes.

    How’s the condo working out? You had some misgivings when you first bought it.

  6. I don’t eat out of the pot, but not from shame, rather I have to watch my portion sizes. I don’t eat over the sink, I eat over the cutting board, thank you. Or sitting on my bed. That’s not in bed. It’s on top of the covers, like a sofa, so I can watch TV. Sigh. My kitchen table is permanently given over to art, and I haven’t kept up with eating at my pub table in the front room. I should, but I am short and need a step to get up on the tall chair. There’s no one to judge me but the cats. They don’t care much at all.

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