A reminder to join me and the gang at Orville Nation for a discussion of Dark Matter Episode 2 today.  We’ll be joined by super extra special guest star Roger Cross.  So don’t miss it!

Well, yesterday was not a great day as distant developments have put yet another project in jeopardy.  For now, I’m going to put it out of my mind and try to concentrate on more immediate matters – namely, coming up with a concise one page pitch for the adaptation of that cult favorite sci-fi book series.

More amazing people with whom I have worked…


One thought on “October 12, 2020: Let’s talk Dark Matter Episode 2! Another obstacle! And more amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. Really enjoyed the Dark Matter Orville Nation chat. Great to hear/see Roger Cross too. Such a warm and charismatic guy.
    Sorry to hear another project has bit the dust. I continue to keep my fingers crossed for those you have still going…

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