Strategy meeting tonight.  Then switching over to horror development.  And, finally, ending the night with some scifi research.  I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m close to having too much on my plate…

Today, from the Stargate Vault…

Stargate-universe Stargate-universe-1 Stargate-universe-2 Stargate-universe-3 Stargate-universe-4 Stargate-universe-5 Stargate-universe-6 Stargate-universe-7

More amazing people with whom I have worked…

3 thoughts on “October 7, 2020: From the SGU vault! More amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. The secret to eating everything on your plate is to take it one bite at a time, and stop to socialize often! I was just thinking of the saying, “it never rains, but it pours”, but that could be because it’s pouring rain outside right now.

  2. These SGU pics take me back! I need to watch more SG during my workdays, a great show playing as I slog through data entry makes the day fly by. My love affair with jasmine brown rice continues; it ended up in my grocery order as a substitution that I almost shoved in my “end of the world to be eaten hopefully never” stash of things I would only eat if I was say camping out on my way to the CDC avoiding zombies and mercs. But it is so delicious, nutty and tasty, tonight I tossed in shredded spinach to make pilaf and it was amazing.

  3. Just a quick drop in to say hi.
    Things are still pretty rough here,
    and my birthday on the 6th was beyond awful this year
    but still reminding myself to inhale … exhale
    one breath at a time
    and thankful I am still able to do that.
    Glad to hear you are keeping busy, Joe.
    As Gary says, one bite at a time.

    Speaking of which … Noticed David Read has you scheduled for 6pm for your one hour long
    DTG chat?
    You might wanna ask him to make it a live virtual dinner meeting?
    (basically you would each simply sit down in front of your laptop camera with whatever you are having for dinner that night).

    To make it entertaining for the viewers,
    Maybe Akemi can try her hand again at making a new dish for you to try?
    Or , you can make it super casual and you each order fried dumplings and chicken wings from a local Chinese food take out/delivery to compare who has the better take out joint in their neighborhood?Afterward you and David can have the same desert.
    Something neither of you has tried before but would both likely have easy access to.
    Perhaps a new candy bar? or flavor of ice cream? or both?
    And you can end the interview by each of you holding up a glass with a cocktail and clinking it against the screen to share a toast.


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